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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Rarely Seen Grandson

Grandson is the one of the left in the
second and third set of kids.

The Grandson is in advanced Theater.  I'm not really sure what all is involved because in my day it was called drama class and we just practiced for the play that was performed each year. 

He has been talking about making YouTube videos for a long time.  I just kind of ducked my head like a turtle into its shell for fear that he might take some wild, decadent path.  Turns out that this is a video he and his friends produced.  I'm not really sure what Theater and Medieval Times have to do with each other and this video.  

I understand why kids like the beat of this rap type music.  In an odd way it reminds me of Motown - not the same beat as I danced to but the same need to tap your toe or fling your arms, in this case.  

When I pick him up from school today I'll ask him what was the point they were trying to make.  This may get me an eye roll but if it is interesting, I'll let you know.    


  1. keeping the line of communication is always a good thing!
    and i'm trying to understand rap.
    i think it's very much like the anti establishment songs of the 60's.
    they're tackling some big ideas and trying to give their perspective.
    either way... you have to know you have some very creative and talented grand kids!

  2. So what was his reaction when you asked him? And more importantly, was there an eye roll? ;)

  3. I think I'm beginning to feel like my parents and their friends felt during the 60's. (sigh)