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Friday, February 26, 2016

Working Hard

Howdy y'all.  I've been so busy around here.  Had a birthday last week. 66. Amazing I know. 

Did a big spring cleaning the other day.  Decluttered a little.  Mostly dusting and mopping.  Switched the winter and summer clothes.  Now that's what I call positive thinking.  

The starter in my car is still giving me problems.  I really need to put it in the shop but I hate being without my car - even for a day.  Know what I mean? 

The birds are visiting regularly and going through large amounts of bird feed and it's not even winter here.  

Saw the endocrinologist last week.  Diabetes continues to improve but I still got a lecture.  She keeps bugging me to get my eyes checked since that is a common problem with diabetics.  So went to the eye doctor (after cancelling about 4 appointments over the last two years) and everything from the diabetes standpoint was great.  I still have the cataract and I knew it was getting worse without being told.  The problem is that I want the super duper lasik surgery that replaces the old lens with a new one that contains your prescription is $4,400 per eye.  The plain surgery that medicare pays for only replaces the lens and you still have to wear glasses.  The difference is $4,400 for the super duper and $0 for plain old fashioned surgery.  Shouldn't be a hard decision but I keep hoping for a lottery win so I can have the super duper surgery.  

My new neighbors are moving into the big house in front of me next week.  They have two small boys.  I can already tell when they arrive to bring a load.  Their little voices carry.  Guess that is the end of quiet weekends.  

Speaking of noise levels, rumor has it that both little grand girls are coming to spend the night Saturday night.  I'm going to have to make plans to really wear them out during the day.  Mom and Dad need a night off.  I'll probably need a week off afterwards.  LOL.  


  1. I know what you mean about being tired after time with the grand babies, I feel exactly the same.

    Love your blog. I'll be back.

  2. Happy Birthday this week! You don't look any older than me and I'm 58. Of course we never feel our age, except when we have aches and pains! Time is such a mystery to me. I know how you must feel getting little new neighbors....I now don't know how my older neighbors took my family with 6 kids...hopefully they were more patient than I would have been! Andrea

  3. I had cataract surgery on both eyes last year. I paid $1,000 out of my pocket for a lens to correct my astigmatism. I only needed that correction in one eye. It was worth every penny believe me.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! You still look very young to me. :) I had to laugh at your comment about wearing out your grandgirls and then having to recover for a week. I had my grandboys for about 2 hours today at the park (a great place to wear them out BTW) and they are coming over here tomorrow afternoon for awhile. They are 2 and almost 4 and my goodness do they have energy to burn! Whenever they spend the night my husband and I have to take some time to recover. ;) I would not trade the time I have with them for the world though and I know you would not with your grandkids either. :) Have a great time with them!

  5. I have beginning cataracts, but the eye doctor says surgery is "years away." Now I guess I should start saving! I didn't know there were different kinds of surgery for cataracts.
    I love having my grandchildren, but the recovery time does tend to be at least twice as long as their visits, Sometimes more!

  6. You are too funny. I love the way you describe life in such an entertaining way.

    BTW, I had the cheaper version of eye surgery and elected near-sighted lenes because I like to read. Turns out its perfect for the computer, but not as good as the near-sighted vision I've had all my life. So I still wear bifocal lenses in my glasses. Big deal, I've worn glasses all my life but at least the prescription will never change and the yellow is gone. Also, night vision has improved. Go for the Medicare version. I was afraid of the prescription version myself.

    Good luck with the kids.

  7. ohmygosh.
    i had no idea.
    i also need the cataract surgery and have been putting it off.
    only because i do so poorly with ANY kind of invasive procedure.
    and now to know this... about the cost. i hadn't even thought of it.
    so... will be saving up i guess! cause like you... i'd like the best kind!
    and have a wonderful weekend with the little ones! and happy belated birthday!
    you are a mere babe.
    i am turning 71 in june! WOWZER! and i feel like i'm 12 most days. LOL. ♥