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Thursday, March 24, 2016

I had a very busy day today

First, I kind of woke up in a bored mood.  So, I decided the only thing to be done would be to get busy with a project.  As a kid I remember telling my Mom I was bored, and she would always reply that she would find me something to do.  That always meant chores and I would quickly say no thanks and run off with a feeling of relief.

The first thing I did was to drive way across town to the shopping mall where the Grandson had been taking his driving lessons.  He was three driving classes shy of completion so I had to go and get an extension to get him back on track.  

On the way back, I swung by the school just in time to pick up the Grandson since it was just starting to sprinkle.  He was all excited because he gets to MC a fashion show at the high school tomorrow.  One of the local Men's Clothing companies is putting on the show.  I’m not sure if it has to do with prom in a couple of months or if it is trying to get seniors in the business frame of mind.  Since Grandson has been so active in Advanced Drama the teacher asked him to do it.  He is really having a lot of fun with drama this year.  I’m sorry to know that his teacher will be leaving at the end of this year.  Hope the new teacher is in tune with the kids like this one is.

After I dropped the Grandson off, I stopped by Walmart and bought two new bird feeders.  I dropped my red feeder last weekend and broke the plastic squirrel baffle.  When I got home it occurred to me I should have glued the old one back together.  So I found the instant glue and put it back together - although not exactly perfect.  I think it will still keep the squirrels off, I just hope the birds don’t balk at the smell of the glue.  I’ll see how it works before I decide whether to return the new feeders.  I’d keep the new feeders but then I’d have to buy even more bird food.  I get a lot of pleasure from listening and looking at the birds but the bird feed does add up. 

When I finally got upstairs I decided I couldn’t look at the mess in the grand girls’ corner anymore.  The problem is that (1) I buy them too much and (2) that my apartment is so small that anything extra really makes it looked cramped.  I left the basket of princess items, the basket of purses and the suitcase with the baby doll and doll clothes.  I also kept all the colors, pens, papers, etc., that the Artist uses for her creations.  Everything else I moved to the garage.  I have several shelves down there and I put everything out so that it can be seen and taken out to be played with.  Since the weather will be getting nicer and they will be playing outside more, I thought why wait.  I must have made a dozen trips upstairs and down. 

I also brought a tub with some of my jewelry making tools and beads upstairs.  I had to put all my supplies in the garage when Christmas was set up.  Again, only so much room. 

I brought some of my scarves upstairs and photographed them for my scarf knitting blog. I have a dresser in the garage where I keep the extra sheets and winter items.  So another trip or two up and down stairs.
Finally, before I sat in my chair, I charged my phone and GPS and the new portable charger I bought while I was at Sears today.

If I had had a t'do list, it would be t'done.


  1. You deserve a rest after that day! Have a great weekend!

  2. Indeed you did have a busy day. Going up and down stairs that many times would have been my undoing. In Texas I had a lot of bird feeders but not in Oregon, too hard to keep the seed dry. I really miss feeding the birds. I knit, but only socks.

  3. wow I need to get bored. What a productive day you had!

  4. until you posted your new header I was thinking you lived in an apartment not a house!
    going up and down stairs is the best exercise there is.
    i'm finding that carrying groceries added to that is all the workout I need.
    have a great weekend! and maybe... a restful one? :) xo♥

  5. Never boring here, plus you get lots of exercise. Good for you.

  6. I think your mother and mine went to the same school! She loved to say that very thing to us girls, as well, and was only too happy to assign chores. I don't remember every saying I was bored after the first or second time.

    I love your little yellow house! It is so cute and has character. I'm hoping that where ever we end up living, the house has some character. If it doesn't, I guess we will have to make some!

  7. My mother used to say the same thing...amazing! ;) LOL! My poor kids learned very quickly not to utter that phrase to me because once it was "out there" they were mine to do with as I pleased and boy was my "I'm bored to do list" a long one.

    My husband and I have the same clutter problem in our house with all the toys, legos, blocks, bowling set, trucks, tools, etc. that should be in the toy box, but do not fit. I really do need to declutter and just keep the age appropriate toys and store the ones that are for younger kids away until I am blessed with more grandkids.

    After reading about all you got done, I needed a rest!