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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It is Spring Break Here

The grand girls have come for a couple of days.  I love them soooo much but darn I can hardly keep up with them.  Luckily the weather was beautiful and they had fun days playing in my little yard.

They are lucky to have a Dad willing to drive an hour+ each day so they can live in a small town outside of the city limits where they can play outside in their half acre yard.

So when they come here I keep all of the outside toys in the garage and they can just pull out anything they are in the mood to play with.  They build school rooms and doll nurseries, picnic areas and open the sunberella.   There is a place where the dirt was originally dumped and they can dig there.  I pick up seed packages whenever I find them on sale and have lots of empty plastic pots they can fill with dirt and then plant their seeds.

They are lucky to have a life similar to what I experienced playing outside until supper time.  Many kids are not able to play outside in these days because of bad people and I am thankful the girls have the opportunity.

So here are a few snaps to share.

We are accumulating quite a few hats for this one. 
She is also big on purses and shoes.
I guess some girls really are born that way. 

Grand #1 is building her first Fairy Garden.   

Note the path made of buttons.  
Had to dig in the bottom of the sewing box for those.  

There is more going on but I'm pooped right now.  I'll be back later to catch you up. 


  1. The girls are adorable, Barbara. I love the hat and the purse, and the Fairy Garden is precious. How sweet the little button path is. Your're a good grandmother. Hugs, Nancy

  2. nancy said it all for me!
    love these pictures.
    you're a great nana. is that what they call you?
    my times with my gram are some of my favorite in all the world. xo

  3. Looks like so much fun, enjoy!

  4. Perfect day! Grandchildren and outdoors. It doesn't get much better than that!

  5. You do indeed have 2 beautiful little grands. Makes me tired just looking at them. Our only grand is 14 now but I remember how tired I was after having him for a day. Never a chance to sit down. But we love them so it's a labor of love.

  6. Your grandgirls are so sweet. I love that you let them use their imagination and provide things for them to use in their creative play. :) Such fun but also very tiring for Nana. ;) If you have a Dollar Tree near you they have seed packets for veggies and flowers @ 4 for $1 right now. :)

  7. They are lucky children indeed. Good for you and your son for providing them with the freedom to be outdoors doing what comes naturally for children--playing. It seems that kids' lives are so structured these days. It makes me kind of sad for them.

  8. OH how I would love to be a grandma to cuties like yours. :-) I must say I love the hat. Good to see kids outside Barbara. I loved being outside as a kid (and as an adult) Nothing better for your imagination.

  9. Thanks for sharing this sweet memory. Beautiful girls and I love the fairy walk.