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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rain is in the Air

Hi all.  Thanks for the comments on the new hair color.  It really is quite awful.  I'm just glad I'm 66 and not 16 or I would be in a total break down mode.  Looking awful at my age is not nearly as traumatic.  However, having gone to the trouble of looking better - or at least new - I am disappointed.  I'll be going for hair stripping or color dye in a week or two.

Today is one of those gray days that I love.  I have always liked rainy days except Monday through Friday when I'm driving back and forth to work.  Since I don't work now, I love all of the stages of a rainy day.

Right now you can feel the water in the air.  It is heavy, as if you have to breath extra hard.  The birds are very quiet and that is unusual.  A few of the really big blue birds and red birds are at the feeders.  There are a few doves but the big squirrel is upsetting them and they keep landing and taking off.  The doves often eat the seed dropped on the ground.  Waste not, want not.  I like their help.  The blue birds like the big sunflower seeds.  They pick up a seed from the feeder and jump to a branch.  They bounce the seed on a limb to crack it open I suppose.

Since I got the new bird feeders - yes I put them up - the big blues and red are around much more.  Part of the reason is that the landing strip on the new feeders are further out so that the big birds can get their bigger bodies close to the food without having to hang in mid air to feed.

I'll post a picture of the feeders as soon as the skies clear up.  In the meantime, here is a picture of Buddy guarding the yard.

Rain or shine - hope you have a great day.


  1. We had the rainy, snowy and gray day here yesterday and today it is gorgeous and sunny but very windy. :) I can't wait to see you bird feeders. I would love to put some up but our neighborhood is full of cats that roam freely and they look for "birdie buffets" to take advantage of an easy meal themselves.

  2. We all need a guard dog. Sorry about your hair. I just moved my appointment. I don't need a haircut as often since I've lost a lot of hair.

  3. Oh how cute your little Buddy is, watching over the gardens! Everything is so green there already - not so, here - it's cold and very, very windy today - yuk!!

  4. Your feeders sound busy. We're having more snow so not much spring for us yet. Enjoy!

  5. Are you preparing for some bad weather? It's tornado time in Texas as well as time for hail. Your Buddy reminds me of our little dog who's name was also Buddy. I miss him so. I love feeding the birds but don't event try since it's so hard to keep the seed dry here. Wet birds seed gets yucky really quick.

  6. We had a very rainy day yesterday--most welcome for the plants.
    We used to enjoy watching the birds at our feeders. However, it was Mike's job to fill them, clean them, and hose down the deck. I just could not take all that on so the birds moved on to the neighbors' feeders. The crows remained loyal so I would always through out some scraps for them though.

  7. I love pictures of buddy! he's definitely ON DUTY. LOLOL!
    I did that once to my hair. I used that 'sun in' stuff that you spray on and then go out in the sun.
    I wound up looking like a tortoise shell cat. you know three different colors.
    actually I think yours looks quite lovely! it's shiny and doesn't look dyed at all.
    except WOW how beautiful it is ... you are ... in the first picture!!!
    and my sage advice...
    just wear the shortest pixie you can until it grows out.
    stripping it is NOT the way to go! not at our age. talk about hard on your hair!
    it will grow out faster than you think. and then you'll have your nice healthy hair back! trust me on this. I speak from experience.
    just call me bossie nellie. LOLOL! XO♥
    oh. this is getting so long. just delete after you read it for pete's sake.
    but it's heavy and trying to rain here too. and it's far and above my most FAVORITE kind of day!

  8. Barbara, if you do cut your hair short until this grows out here is a tip. Buy some biotin or what I get at Costco is call, hair, skin and nails. It really works and not only does it work, it makes your hair grow faster than normal. just an FYI if needed.