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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Repair or Replace from Super Savings Tips

One of the Frugal Living sites I read is Super Saving Tips.

I just read an article they posted about whether to repair or replace.  Since I am single and not very handy with a screw driver, this is a problem I face more often than I would like. Although my current woes have been over my old car, this article deals more with common items we use today, as in our electronics, etc.

I took this quote from that article and it will be my new rule of thumb for dealing with repair vs. replace.

Never spend more than 50% of the cost of an item for a repair, and if it’s a second repair and out of warranty, it pays to just replace that item.

Thought you might enjoy this article.


  1. I've just spent some 20 minutes on your blog, catching up on lots of older posts, and truly enjoyed it. Hello from across the Atlantic!

  2. That ratio sounds about right. We've got two cars that are paid for, and though we've had to put a couple of thousand dollars in each one over the last year or so, it's still cheaper than going out and replacing them. At some point I'm sure we'll have to do so, but for now it's just nice to old but paid for cars. Hugs, Nancy