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Monday, March 7, 2016

Wash and Wear Hair

I have what I call a "Wash and Wear" hairstyle.  I shower, run my fingers through it, and I'm off.  I had to laugh at myself today.  I didn't feel like the extra hassle so I put on my shower cap.  Nothing fancy.  Four for a dollar at the dollar store.  Looks something like this. No selfies today.

I remember when clothes came out as Wash and Wear.  It was such a big deal. No more ironing.  Now we don't even iron at all.  I still have an iron and ironing board somewhere.  Can't remember last time I used it but I'm keeping it until they carry me out of here.  Don't know why.  Just in case, I guess.

Mom and Dad took the grand girls to the Fat Stock Show  - that is what they call the animal side of the rodeo.

Aren't they the cutest.  Of course, I would not have let the girls get that close but I didn't say anything.  The girls are alive and that's all that matters.

I can not be trusted to go to the drugs store alone.  I find too many odds and ends to buy.  Apparently, I can not be trusted at the grocery store either.  I came home with two ferns.  Lovely, I know.  Couldn't resist.

I worked out in the yard quite a bit last week.  A little at a time because I can't squat and the back can't take it.  The birds ran to the feeder every time I took a break.  You can see the back of my angel hanging on the porch.

Buddy and the cat kept me company.  


  1. I love your thoughts today! How you can't be trusted at the drug store and grocery store! Ha... Your granddaughters are cute! Glad they survived. I remember when polyester came out in clothes...very popular! A housewife's dream to not iron. Andrea

  2. Gorgeous ferns. I can't seem to keep them alive; I hope you have better luck!

  3. Wash and wear hair and clothes, two of the best things ever. Remember the rollers in the hair, or the curling iron. How many hours ironing did our foremothers do? Thank goodness for progress on those fronts.

  4. I don't have wash and wear hair, but I can blow dry and style it in 5 minutes. ;)

  5. I act as though I have wash and wear hair even though in truth it could use all the help I am not willing to give it.
    I think it is great that your little cuties are being raised to be fearless and love animals, granny! Kudos to their mom and dad.
    I still iron. Don't tell anyone.

  6. Sweet animals. I too have wash and wear hair and clothes that are easy to pull off and put on. The nurses who helped me pull on my pants yesterday told me they were perfect. Yes, I have reached the age where people dress me. I still have my iron and ironing board however...you never know!

  7. i love this post.
    a perfect ode to springtime!
    i've had wash and wear hair for years and can think of nothing better!
    it's just SO easy.
    and your ferns are beautiful.
    and i never iron either!
    are you sure we're not twins?

  8. It looks like Buddy is enjoying Spring almost more than you are ;)

    I still iron, because I have vintage linens for my table and some of my 40s dresses need it sometimes, but you're right about modern clothes. I'm not willing to iron my jeans LOL

    Your grand babies are really cute and I wouldn't have posed them by that cows butt either ;)