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Monday, March 21, 2016

Windows 10 has breached the walls

You'll notice I have a new banner.  That is because I have been reorganizing my photos and have found many of the photos of my yard.  I still have more to find but all in good time.

~ Why did I take on such a task you might ask?  It all started when Windows 10 helped itself to my computer.  In all honesty I did see a message and I thought I clicked the box that said don't you dare make a change to my computer, but either I missed the button or Windows just ignored me.

~ I don't use the document portion all that much so I cannot really comment on the business side.  I had heard there was a problem finding your old pictures and documents.  Mine downloaded just like they should and I found them easily enough.

~ My problems started when I tried to download the new pictures I had taken with my phone.  The download program has changed and I was stymied about that for a while.  Then when I was notified the pictures were downloaded I couldn't find them.  Finally, after a l-o-n-g time I found them, but then forgot where, so I couldn't go back to them.  Sound of head hitting against the wall.

~ Finally, finally, I figured out the download system and remembered where the default to the picture folder was.  So now I'll say the experience as a whole wasn't so bad.  This is to inspire you so you won't give up in the middle and want to quit.  Cursing is allowed should you desire.

Consequently pictures from the rest of Spring Break will be shared later when I can get the newest pictures sorted.  I have gone to a new method of folders for saving pictures.  I hope I like it in the end because it sure is a lot of bother.

Buddy hurt himself again this week.  He goes running and jumping around the backyard like a crazy dog and since he is only the size of a cat, he is constantly banging his undercarriage on something.  Had to pick him up and carry him for a couple of days but he is getting better now.

I think I only picked up my knitting once this week.  And today I picked up a book and read for the first time in forever.  Oh and I am starting a new blog about Scarf Knitting that I'll tell you more about later.  I'm sure the Blogosphere did not really need another blog but I love scarf knitting so I wanted to share that with like minded people.  Which, thank you very much, means I'm not going to bore you here.

I've worked in the yard and moved container plants here, there and yonder trying to get the best sunlight for all.  My plants are really booming and the trees are branching out with leaves at an incredible speed.  I'll try to get some updated snaps of them.  And, this being said this a snarl, the change of time did not really help in any way at all.

Bye for now.


  1. The technical stuff is beyond me. I am impressed that you try to resolve things. Good for you.

    Wish I could knit. It hurts my back of all things. I have tried numerous times with the same effect.

    Happy spring! We are having another snow storm. I am envious of your weather.

  2. Love your new header. Is that your house up there; it's too cute! A little suggestion: when you post your pictures, click extra large and they will look so much nicer!

    Buddy is adorable.


  3. Windows left me some time ago. Everything I work with is Mac. One computer has Windows and neither one of us use it. Pictures are always my undoing. I knit, but only socks. Will be interested in your new blog.

  4. I think cursing was invented in anticipation of computer technologies.

  5. Just the thought of an upgrade makes my stomach hurt. When Microsoft forced me to accept the 8.1 windows upgrade it botched up my photos, blogging and everything else so badly that I had to search the internet to find out how to remove it and keep it from happening again. Ugh. On a separate note. . .enjoy your outdoor sprucing up. This is what I live for! Hugs, Nancy

  6. I can't wait to see your garden photos for this year - love the new header!!