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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Little Backyard Tour

I don't have a lot to share this week.  

The Grandson took a tour of Sam Houston State University over the weekend. He came back so excited.  He said you hear your parents and teachers tell you that you have to go to college to make it in the world.  They tell you it is so much fun (and hard work).  But you just don't realize what college is until you get there.  He was so cute.  It finally all came together in his mind.  (Insert: Hallelujah Choir singing.) 

Sam is noted both for its Teachers College and Criminology College.  The boy wants to be a Police Officer.  Now I have a lot of respect for the Police.  I just don't want my boy getting shot.  (Insert: Picture of me wringing my hands.)  I know, I know.  You gotta let them go.  

So here goes the backyard tour:  When you walk in the gate you usually see Buddy sitting there or tearing around the corner to see who is coming in.  These couple of pots are situated in one of the sunny locations.  I get plenty of Texas heat but direct sunlight long enough to grow most plants is in short supply in my yard.  

On the side of the fence is a shady little corner that houses one of my ginger plants.  I haven't trimmed this one this year.  Some years I lose a lot of leaves. Knock on wood.  The hot, dry summer is not here yet.

The Amaryllis has lived under the ginger plant in this bucket for a couple of years now.  It is really happy this year and has bloomed and bloomed.

This is my potting bench.  I didn't have enough dirt to replant all of the ivies and airplane plants so I just topped each one with dirt and trimmed back the leggy limbs.  I will try to revive what I can in that white bucket of water.  

The ivies are very appreciative of the dirt and a good watering.  They are picking up their leaves and turning to the sun.  Another small spot with sunlight. 

I pick up things at the thrift store to decorate my beds.  I got this goose/swan several years ago.  The weather has been hard on him.  I don't necessarily buy items that were made for outside display.  If I pay a couple of bucks and it enlivens my garden for a year or two, I'm happy with that.  

And just in case you thought we had no Easter around here.  Here are the grand girls.  Do I just love them or what.  

I got a new/old book on knitting stitches I just love.  I've started a little practice piece and I'm so encouraged.  This was a book I checked out of the library and I liked it so much, I order it online.  I'll be showing you some pictures of my work as soon as it gets long enough to show the stitch/decoration. 


  1. I love reading your blog. So many nice photos and I can identify with much. I crochet, knitting is beyond me. Good for you investing in a useful book. Your plants (nd dog) look great. We get some heat around here also, but not a hot as Texas. I was born and lived in East Texas. Sister lives in Baton Rouge today. Also have a granson checking out colleges/unis in CA where he lives. All the granddaughters have gone through college, last one graduates in a month. Two going for or have gone for Master's degrees. Yes, they grow up fast. Great-grandson on the way.

  2. Great story about your grandson. Maybe he'll develop an interest in the non pistol toting aspect of law enforcement, or does it even exist today? Love your Easter chickies. The girls are adorable. Have a great week.

  3. After gardening in Texas it was a real shock to me when I began gardening in Oregon. I allowed for the size I thought a mature plant would be only to be shocked when it grew triple that size. Unbelievable how things grow here. Your little Buddy reminds me of our Buddy (RIP), a little on the obese side like ours too. Good news about the grandson and the little girls are precious.

  4. Isn't fun though when you see the eureka moment when they "get it" So good to hear he is looking forward to going to school/college.

    And come on! Those girls are too darn cute!

  5. Your little granddaughters are so cute with those little faces, oh my gosh!! And that Buddy just melts my heart - what a little cutie pie cuddle baby he is!! :)

  6. Oh Barbara, I hear you on the police thing with your grandson. As the mom of 2 police officers I just have to remind myself that God loves them even more than I do and pray for their safety (I would go insane if I did not do that). YOur grandgirls are so cute...OMGoodness! Do you ever dig up some of the roots from your ginger plant to use in cooking?

  7. Hah ... your little "Inserts" made me laugh.

  8. Your granddaughters are so cute. I love how they pose for you. Your garden goose/swan is wonderful. I love his weathered look and appreciate your philosophy about decorating your garden. xo