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Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Visit from the Grand Girls

Mom and Dad had an office party Friday night so the girls spent the night with me.  Their brother lives in town with my daughter, so we swung by and picked him up and all went for Mexican food.  The restaurant we frequent is always full and noisy on Friday and Saturday.  Although I don't really enjoy noisy, when I have the girls it takes all the pressure off of them talking to loud.  The 3 year old is still in that loud voice stage.  As if no one can hear you if you don't talk at the top of your voice - except when we are in the car, at which times she talks so softly I can't hear what she is saying.  Got to get those hearing aids.

The girls ate their toast picnic style on the patio Saturday morning.  I just picked up the four little chairs at the thrift store for $2 for all.  Yeah! and the rain won't hurt them.  I'll have to look for a little table for them.   

 I love this one.  No more pictures Nana she said. 

Of course, no visit is complete without a hat picture.  This is the hat I'm going to paint and refashion like the hat redo post I shared earlier. 

Finally a picture of Buddy enjoying the picnic.  The way he is licking his lips, I suspect somebody fed him their crust.    

I didn't put out any seed today so no bird pictures.  I did get a little planting and repotting done, and I raked up the leaves.  Also took a 3 hour nap!!

Great weekend. 


  1. Gorgeous girls. Lucky you! Fun all round.

  2. My week-end has been extremely boring. Glad to see yours is more exciting. Grandchildren do that.

  3. I love these photos. The girls are so darn cute Barbara. I went to a city mission with a friend who always finds bargains there. I don't. Anyway they were selling all this toy furniture. I saw a cute little table for $2.50 that would be perfect. I should have gotten it for you. Although the shipping probably would have been a helluva lot more than the table. :-)

  4. Those girlies are so adorable! Buddy looks like he is very happy to have them there too. ;)