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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Do you know what Dynamic Pricing is?

I read an interesting post from the Christian Science Monitor this morning entitled How retailers  use "dynamic pricing" to get you to pay more.

I do a lot of online price research and a fair amount of online purchasing, mainly from Amazon and Walmart, but I do get around the web.  In late summer and again near Christmas I would start perusing the clothing manufacturer websites for sale items for the boy.  (If you think only girls want to be stylish, think again.)  I learned that by deleting the cookies for that site, the store would think you were a brand new customer and offer an extra coupon.  While I want all companies to make enough profit to stay in business, you have to give a retired Nana a break when it comes to the cost of youth clothing.  

Even though I know deleting cookies saved me money, I did not know all of the tricks to dynamic pricing.  This article explains what and how dynamic pricing is used.

I am not going into detail because I know some of you are not big online shoppers.  If you are, however, this post is worth your time to read.

PS:  As I'm typing this I can hear a red bird at the feeder.  The male has a very distinctive sound.  How nice to know he is here just by his little chirp.


  1. This is fascinating. I'm going to send this link to both my children.

  2. Pretty cardinal. We don't have cardinals here in Northeast Oregon. I don't think they're found much west of the Rockies. When I lived in Ohio they made their nests in the trees in my backyard. How I loved hearing their birdsong. Interesting information about online shopping. I don't do much of it. Just don't have a lot of things I need and I always give my grandkids gift cards, because that's what they want. Hope you're having a good week, Barb. Hugs, Nancy

  3. I had a visit from the red bird this morning as well. I am off to check out the article about dynamic pricing. Sounds like something I should know about.

  4. I always give my postal code, but I won't ever again.

    The bird is beautiful!

  5. Oh those tricky advertisers! I've discovered that too. I delete my cookies so I can read the local newspaper online without subscribing! Now I also scan my Norton to remove tracking cookies, each day. They seem to all be from the online ads that websites carry. Cute cardinal! I love birds...they make me happy. Andrea

  6. That red bird is a male Northern Cardinal. He is our VA state bird. Thanks for the shopping tip. Nana's need all the breaks they can get especially when the outside and inside birds are sending them to the poor house buying bird seed online.

  7. I love the cardinal. We don't get them here, where I live, so I love seeing yours. I was reading some of your back posts, as I have been a little behind in my reading lately, and I'm looking forward to seeing your knitting projects. I always think I want to knit, but have so much better luck with crochet, so who knows, I may get inspired again!