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Monday, April 18, 2016

It Is Flooding in Houston

It didn't seem to be raining that hard during the night so I was totally shocked to wake up to severe flooding.  I heard very little thunder and lightning.  Buddy, however, was very agitated during the night. School was cancelled, airport closed and everyone urged to stay home. This is the only solution if you have to get out today.


  1. goodness.
    i was JUST now seeing about the floods and rescues going on in Houston and i immediately thought of you and here you have a post on it.
    i hope you're on high ground! stay safe dear bean.
    that post of the tiny girls and their picnic with buddy the toast eater... how adorable can they all get!!!
    can't wait to see the HAT.
    and the last thought...
    i think you've been officially adopted by the sweet doves.
    they have to eat. and so do the little squirrels.
    why not your bounty? they obviously feel very at home there.
    maybe it's simply meant to be!
    as you can see... i'm playing catch up again.
    like opening little post presents! LOL. xo♥

  2. Talked to my sister-in-law in Houston today. Where she lives she said the thunder and lightening were the worst she'd ever experienced. Really upsetting to her little dog.

  3. Saw the news about the flooding. Hope everyone is safe!

  4. I too saw the news reports on the flooding. Very scary stuff. I'm glad you are safe and dry.

  5. Keep safe! I saw that on the news and I was surprised. p.s..your granddaughters are so cute! Andrea