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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Knitting Fail

I told you I ordered a new/old book with stitch instructions for knitting patterns. I had no idea there were so many shared patterns out there.

So I started a test run with some pretty variegated yarn I had left over from another project.  The name of this pattern in the book is simply Diagonals I.

You can see above that there are 4 distinct raised rows.  Ok.  Those are done right.

The 5th row (left most brown row) goes about half way up and then seems to double-back on itself.  In other words, I lost count or somehow turned the stitches around and headed back in the wrong direction. 

This is why I only knit scarves.  When I knit plain scarves I can watch tv and not worry about messing up my stitches.  

This was good practice though and I am very pleased with the part I got right. I'm going to pull it apart and reuse the yarn.  I will start again with a solid color yarn to see if the pattern shows more clearly with a solid rather than variegated yarn.  

You know what knitters always say:  

Source: GGmadeit.com


  1. I knit hats. The work up quickly and are done with. I like the sense of completion.

    1. Me too. That's why I love scarves. I just zip along and quit whenever I get tired or run our of yarn.

  2. I've ripped out a few things! Wish I could knit but it hurts my back too much. It is great hobby with a warm result.

  3. And that, my dear, is why I don't knit:) Except back and forth, back and forth, like on a dish cloth done in garter stitch! I want to knit, I've tried to knit, and I've taken a knitting class years ago, to no avail. I just can't get a pattern right when I knit. I'm excited to see if you can figure it out! It may give people like me some hope.

    1. Garter stitch is what I usually use on my scarves. Sometimes I change it up a little but only to something that is really flows smoothly. I find that it really helps slow my mind down. If I have something I'm worrying about or trying to solve, if I start knitting that wheel that keeps turning in my head will slow down and finally stop if I am lucky. With all you've got going on, you might need to make a lot of dish clothes to calm your mind.