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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kids Say the Cutest Things

The girls were here this weekend.  The smallest one who will be 3 in June is so sweet ... except for the Terrible Two part.  She is always full of compliments which is so strange coming from such a little person.  Here is what she told me:

Kaylee:  I like your face.

Nana:  Thank you.  I like your face too.

Kaylee:  My Momma gave it to me.

If that wasn't the cutest.

More later...


  1. How adorable! Love the children stories and photos.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I really get tired from their visits but then I remember they are probably the last babies in the family and I find the strength to enjoy them.

  3. Oh how sweet! Your youngest granddaughter and my youngest grandson are only a month apart in age. Isaiah told me that he likes me best because I am "soft" and cuddly. Hey, at least all the weight I gained from menopause has one thing going for it right? ;)

    1. Love that. They are so funny. I have a retired teacher friend. One day one of her pre-K students told her she had grandma hands. We laughed about that.

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