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Friday, June 17, 2016

If this isn't the cutest phot

See Buddy in the left hand front corner.  Those two are so goofy.

Today is Friday and Dad has already picked the Grand Girl up to go home.  I haven't been this excited about weekends since I was a teenager.  I can't decided whether I want to run the streets or if I'd rather stay home ALONE in my house. Haha.

As some of you have mentioned the annoying habits of our precious grand children, I'll share mine.

For some time now she has had the habit of saying "What the" (no curse word or any word following).  You know what saying this brings to my mind and I was really surprised Mom and Dad did not put a stop to that.  (Let me just qualify that by saying, I don't know that they haven't tried but I know that they haven't succeeded.)

You'll never believe where she learned it.... on a cartoon.  I heard it myself several times.  Another reason we are watching movies and being more selective about what we watch.  I didn't realize I had to monitor cartoons.  Anyway, that little saying was definitely the first one to go.

We've got  that one under control now.  I can't remember the last time I heard her say it but bad habits will sometimes resurface so I'm on the "listen" for it.

Now I'm working on "What do you mean?"  Immediately when I say something she says "What do you mean?" when there is no reason to question my meaning. I think a little part of it may be she does not hear me on occasion and at other times it just comes out without her thinking.  (bad habit #2)

So now we are working on correcting that.  When she says "What do you mean?" I ask her to repeat what I have said.  If she truly didn't hear or understand then I repeat what I said and we discuss it.  If she did hear me and can repeat my sentence, I ask her to explain to me what I meant.

She really hates the whole process of repeating what I said and explaining what I meant.  She begs not to have to go through the routine.  It just comes out, she says.  I know I tell her and that is why we are working on not saying it because your brain has to register what will happen if you say it.

She is starting to realize as soon as the comment comes out of her mouth and covers her mouth.  I almost feel bad but since she says it anytime someone speaks to her, I think it needs to be eliminated.

After we get that one fixed (as much as possible) we are going to work on "what are you doing" or "why are you doing that."  (Heaven help me.)

Buddy thinks it is the best summer of his life.  I'm doing much better than I thought although there are those times I'm tired and have to stop and reply with patience and kindness.

Kisses and Hugs are flowing, art adorns every wall, dress-up happens daily and the turtle is surviving the heat and being held too much by the Grand Girl.

More later.


  1. Oh that picture is just adorable. You can see that they truly are best friends. :)

    I hear you on the things that need to be worked on. Our oldest grandson says "Whaaaa" instead of what at the most inappropriate times. I finally just started telling him that I do not understand that "word" so I'm just going to ignore the nonsense. Oh that made him mad but we are hearing it less and less now. ;) The youngest one is a real imp and will frequently not do as he is told. He has quickly learned that if Grammie starts counting and uses a certain tone you had better shape up quick or there will be consequences. Oh how we love them but oh my goodness, they can drive us up a tree at times. ;) LOL!

  2. It is amazing what kids pick up from TV and how little they pick up from parents and family. Good you're working on some of those phrases. I'm sure she doesn't even realize she's saying them. She'll be better off without them. Sounds like you survived this first week in pretty good shape. I would probably stock up on every unhealthy food I could find and get in bed to eat and chill out until Monday morning.

  3. You are doing well with the child care. It would be easier to ignore things but it would not be helpful for your sweetie. It's hard work but so rewarding.

  4. I'm glad to see you're "on it" as far as lazy language goes. If I could only get my kids to stop saying, "like..."

  5. I did that for months with one of my teenage stepsons. Every time I said something to him, he said, "What?" At first I repeated myself, but then I didn't. Fortunately, he outgrew it!

  6. Well thanks for sharing part of your weekend with us in this fun post. My daughter and her family are descending on us next Saturday, and I am already tired. Buddy is so cute squashed in between. Dogs and children go together, don't they?

  7. Good parenting is hard to stop isn't it? :-) You are doing a great job because I know it would be easier to just let it go.
    I hope you have some quality relaxing time to yourself.