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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My new Summer Schedule

Hey Bloggeroos.  One tired Nana here.

My new summer schedule includes Grand Girl #1 being here Monday through Friday.  Dad drops her off on his way to work Monday and I take her to his office to ride home with him Friday afternoon.

We weren't sure how this would work as far as Grand Girl getting home sick but she is doing fine so far.  She is used to staying here a couple of days in a row so I guess it doesn't seem too long to her.

Two reasons for this schedule.  One, of course, is money.  She was not attending daycare after school this past school year so the extra money for her to go this summer was a big pain in the pocket book so I agreed to try it out with the reservation that I may not be able to do it all summer.

Second was that she needed extra time reading and building up her word and spelling lists. She does pretty good although I have no idea where she should be so we signed up for the reading program at the library. One book a day ought to put her at ease for whatever comes next year.

This week she arrived with a turtle in a box that someone had given her family. So we made a turtle habitat.  

I've been busy ice dyeing and have created some really lovely patterns.  This is a good hobby for me.  

I guess I still have a foot in the 60s I guess, only this is much softer and more feminine than tie dye.

So I may be blogging a little less frequently this summer or .....

I may be sharing the pain more often.


  1. We'll see what the summer brings, LOL!

  2. Oh my grandma, you have really set yourself up for expending a lot of energy in humid hot Houston this summer. Little girls take a lot of energy. Good luck. The ice dyed shirts are lovely. I suspect you'll have plenty of takers for those.

  3. Thank goodness for Nana! Your grandgirl will never forget this time with you. It is hard work I know but enjoy!

  4. I really like these patterns. What is ice dying? I may have to google that. These are softer than a tie die and I like that. I hope you are high and dry. You've made no mention of the floods in Texas so I am hoping they aren't affecting you.

  5. Oh don't stop blogging please. Ask granger to help you think of things to write about and draw some pictures.

  6. You're such a good Nana! I like the idea of a book a day - that will really get her in the groove for when school starts again, and she'll enjoy reading for the rest of her life. Remember, you can always have "quiet time." That's what I used to do when my kids were too old for naps and I needed time by myself to regroup. Quiet time is a great way to get some of the reading done, too. :)

  7. I can relate as I am reading this with grandson on an extended stay here with me. On top of that I seem to have caught a summer cold and that really stinks.

  8. Mandatory quiet time after lunch. Must amuse self or read or nap onefull hour. I bet the library has specific kid programs for her. Consider having a theme each week, for your creativity and hers and do at least one field trip. Fish week means goldfish for snack and a trip to the cool aquarium perhaps. There ma be a drop in program near you.

    Before I was a widowed frugal blogger I was a family day care provider for more years than I can count.

  9. You are going to be busy this summer! But oh the memories you will be building with your grandgirl are precious!