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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Grand Girl and her best "Buddy"

Buddy loves that little girl as much as I do.  He follows her everywhere and how the two of them can sleep on the love seat like this I'll never know.  I've got another mattress under my bed for sleepovers but she has always preferred the couch over my bed or the extra mattress.

Our schedule is working itself out pretty well.  At night we watch a movie after we read a book and she has had her bath.  I try to limit the TV, not for a good parental reason, but because I can't stand most of what they now call cartoons.  I do let her watch a little when it is too hot to go outside.

The weather is a killer.  95 at least today.  So hot the air conditioner can't even cool the car when we are running errands.  I have run both window units inside for short periods during the day this week.  I usually only run one.  My electricity bill is going to be enormous.

I'm still working on my ice dyeing.  I've listed several shirts for sale on ebay. The good thing is that I started by using white shirts in my size so any that don't sell will be worn by me.  I love them.  I am having so much fun.

The Grandson is starting is first job at Kroger next week.  He went in for orientation on Tuesday and will get his schedule on Friday.  I really didn't want him to go to work yet but he needed something to offset the summer boredom ... and pay for the insurance for the car his Dad is getting him.  OMG.  Hopefully he will be too tired to want to run the roads.  (insert you saying: Yeah, right.)

Not much else to tell.  It is midnight and I'm just getting the clothes out of the dryer.  Wish I had a clothes line.  They'd dry in about 5 minutes in this heat.

More later.


  1. I always think it's a good idea for teens to have summer jobs. Teaches them what to expect in the real world.

  2. Oh man, I can't take that Texas heat. The humidity in Houston is a killer. Looks like your buddy system is working out well for both grand and dog. Teenagers are scary critters. Lots of anxiety yet to come times three.

  3. I love the picture of Buddy and your granddaughter...so very sweet. I too think teens should have jobs, at least in the summer, if not year round. It does teach them responsibility. I'm so glad my mother insisted I had them and that I put away 1/4th of everything I earned towards college. I feel so bad for you with that heat. I literally get sick when it gets that hot. We have a swamp cooler and it used way less electricity than AC units do. Our's is mounted on the roof and vents through the ceiling blowing in cool air. We can use it to just vent in the cooler night air or we can run it with the water so that blows in cold air on hot days. This has been such a huge blessing to us over the years!

  4. I'm with Debra about the summer job for teens. It teaches them what they don't want to do for a lifetime. They see how people have to work hard for their money too. It creates responsible young people!

    I cannot imagine the heat and humidity you are experiencing now and for months to come. Our air conditioning consists of an open window. Take care.

  5. I love these little snapshots of your daily life. Thank you for sharing them, and congratulations on your new 'business' venture.

  6. Summer is such a busy time. My grand son is nine. Isn't it about time he outgrows that constant "why?" questions??