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Thursday, July 7, 2016

My 10 minute Dr. Visit

Well yesterday was the Dermatologist day.  I was in and out in 10 minutes.  He thought it was Hives which is what I came up with when researching skin ailments on the internet. 

He suggested I go back to the insulin I was taking before the Endocrinologist changed my prescription last November.  The first itching on my head started in December, the best I remember. 

Changing back is not possible because that was before she decided I was Type I instead of Type II.  It is possible to change the two insulins I am taking now but it will be a big deal to find what works again. 

So I am scheduled for the Allergist next week.  Hopefully he can test specifically to see if either of the insulins are the problem. 

The Dermatologist also gave me a prescription pack of some sort of Cortisone to take in descending amounts for a week.  He said the Cortisone will make my blood sugar go sky high so be prepared for that.  Great balls of fire.  Also have to take Claritin and Allegra, one in the morning and the other at night for two months. 

The Benadryl I have been taking works on outside problems but I needed an anti- histamine (Claritin and Allegra) for inside problems.  Same goes for the cortisone cream the doctor originally prescribed.  It won’t work from the outside.  Just a FYI in case any of you get a similar problem. 

I can’t take all these pills without my reflux acting up so I’m adding Nexium to this mish mash of pills I’m taking. 

I started the cortisone pack this morning so we’ll see if it works.  Right now I have a itchy patch on the front of both thighs that is wider than my hand from finger tip to wrist. 

I guess the good news is that I don’t have Shingles.  Now if I only I’m not allergic to my dog or my insulin, I’ll get through this thing.  Speaking of Shingles, Medicare does not want to pay the $350 my doctor is charging.  I'm going to work on that after all this is over.  

Here’s a picture of the two musketeers having breakfast and watching Curious George. 

Note the blue ice dyed pillow case to the left and the yellow ice dyed t-shirts in the upper right.  I love this stuff.  However, I am taking a break this week and doing as little in the heat as possible since that makes me itch more.  

Another pic of the Grandson and the folks from the Walking Dead.  Grandson and Daughter went to the big Comicon they had here.  Daughter went to see Sigorny Weaver talk about the Alien movies while Grandson went to the Walking Dead.  She didn't pay for a picture. 

He is chubbing up so I guess we'll have another growing spurt soon.  He is so proud of the hair on his face.  I try not to say anything because that is a sure way NOT to get a teenager to do what you want. Maybe when school starts.


  1. Thinking about you today as you deal with the cortisone and the health issues! Sending the best thoughts your way.

    Love the pictures of your grandchildren. They make

  2. Computer locked up. Grandchildren make life a wonder to me in spite of my age.

  3. I hope it all works out. It seems a lot to deal with. Hang in there.

  4. So cute your granddaughter with your cute little dog! Poor you! It is scary that you might have an allergy to the insulin so I hope it isn't that! It seems that every drug (including Nexium) causes other damage so they are not the wonder drugs they thought. So be careful. Andrea

  5. Oh dear, may I caution you to be very careful as you work your way through this. Walk carefully through this minefield. Allergic reactions can be vicious. Hope it's not your insulin. Better the dog than insulin. You can take shots to live with your dog, not sure you could do that to live with your insulin. Staying cool in Houston is not an easy task but you will be more comfortable if you can accomplish that.

  6. Oye! All the pills! That's why I hate going to the doctor. Everything is answered with a pill. Some are necessary, but goodness! I hope you get to the bottom of this rash mystery. When did you start dyeing things? It couldn't be contact dermatitis, could it? Did you dye any undies? ;-)

    Our girls love going to conventions, too. Both are working on costumes for the next one.

    Have a great weekend, m'dear!

  7. I hope you get relief soon. You are following my path with this. I hope you find out the culprit soon.

  8. I hate that slippery slope of medications. I hope that you will learn what causes the reaction and it can be fixed.

  9. Sounds like my home, except no ice dyed items. Shared your experience with David who also has diabetes. goes in one ear and oth the other. We had our Shingles shots at the local pharmacy.