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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Have I become a Whiney-Hiney?

Does anybody else use or remember the phrase Whiney-Hiney?  We used to say it as kids as in... you get hurt or someone does you wrong and you are going to run to Mom ... you get called a Whiney-Hiney.

It also goes for people who complain too much as in ... I think my health is turning me into a Whiney-Hiney.  I did a little more research after your comments and I do not think it is asthma as I don't have any wheezing.  But I'll check it out further with the doctor.

It does sound like I had Heat Exhaustion but I don't think I worked hard enough or long enough or it was hot enough to have that.  You can also have blood sugar ups and downs that have the same symptoms so I'm researching the heat and diabetes more.

The Grand Girl went to work with Dad one day and Mom the next so I have had an extra two days to rest up.  School starts Aug 22 so babysitting will be ending shortly - that is the good and the bad news.

So I'll post some pictures of my latest ice dyes.  I love them all.  I've ordered some bandannas so all the dogs in the family can wear a bit of my finery.  LOL.

Grandson failed his drivers test.  Not sure how because he is not a bad driver. I'm stepping lightly around the whole subject. I feel so bad for him.


  1. I've never heard Whiney-Hiney before. Good term though Ithink when you are a senior, you've earned the right to complain! The problem is, so often, people don't listen! I hope you find out what the problem is and soon, Barbara.

    Love the clothes!

  2. The ice dye shirts are really pretty.
    Ouch! Failing the test is a slap, but he should know what he needs to be more aware of now and that will help him in the long run. Not that that would make a teen-ager feel any better.
    Never heard that expression before. No need to worry about whining, just take charge of your health.

  3. I do hope you can figure out what is going on with your health. I feel bad for your grandson...I'll bet he is embarrassed. :( The ice dyed shirts are just lovely!

  4. I haven't heard that expression but I wouldn't call you that. Although you are having some health issues, you are trying to find out why rather than just complaining. I would say a whiney-hiney is someone who complains but doesn't try to improve their situation or do anything about it. That's just my thoughts. I also think it is nice that you feel comfortable enough to share the ups AND the downs on your blog so that you can get the support of your blogging friends!

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