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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I have no complaints today.

I have no complaints today.  Ha.  Bet you're glad to hear that.

The Grand Girl is back in residence.  We are going to the Art Museum tomorrow night with my Daughter.  The Grand Girl asked me what the Art Museum was. This from the family artist?  I have sorely been neglecting my duties as the Grandparent in charge of exposing the kids to what Houston has to offer.

Dad filmed the Grand Son taking his driver's test - at least the parts  he could see. Dad said the Grand Son was so scared that it was ridiculous.  Dad filmed when they returned to the DPS parking lot and he was walking up to the Grand Son who  had the window down.  At one point you see the Grand Son put his head on the steering wheel.  When Dad asked him how he did, Grand  Son shook his head and rolled up the window.  Dad said he had the deer in the headlight look.  Grand Son retakes the test on the 8th.  My heart aches for him.  Probably a good life lesson.  Aren't most teenagers in the "I got this stage" of life thinking they know all.  One thing I've learned - you can't take the hurt away - but you can hurt along with them.


  1. Oh I took mine twice when I was 16. Poor thing. But boy will he be proud when he gets his license!!

  2. Grandmothers have strong protective instincts for our babies, don't we? We can't protect them from the world but we can sure love them regardless.

    It is good you are feeling OK today.

  3. I feel sorry for kids when they don't pass their driving test. It's such a big deal to them and actually could be considered a 'rite of passage' in life. I wish him better luck nest time.

  4. I'm sure he'll sail by on his next attempt. And yes, a good life's lesson in the meantime. :)

  5. If its any comfort, I took my test at 16 and then had an accident a month later. The test proves little I think. He will be a better driver for having to do it again. Thanks for your mention of rash issues. Am now helping David take his rash more seriously.

  6. Hopefully your grandson now has gotten the nervousness out of his system and will do better the next time. Sometimes our nerves do get the best of us.