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Friday, September 2, 2016

Ice Dyeing the Summer Away

No I didn't fall off the face of the earth.  I've just been busy playing with my ice dyes, enjoying the wonderful weather and adjusting to life without the Grand Girl around all day.  Here are a few photos.

Here I am wearing one of my ice dyed bandanas.

No makeup as usual. 

The bandanas are 21" x 21" and made of 100% Cotton.  Their size is so easy to handle.  I had a couple of fails this summer.  One was a sheet and the other was a towel.  In the little space I have, it is hard to manipulate the fabric but I am getting better at it.  

Today the Grand Son wore one of my bandanas to school.  I was very proud because he is so particular about what he wears.  (His father was too so doesn't really surprise me.)  

Buddy has his own Sea Foam Green ice dyed sheet and he thinks it is very comfortable.

I'm in the donut hole period in my insurance coverage:(.  One of my insulins will be over $400 to fill for a 90 day period.  The other insulin I had a little credit left (but not much) so it was $257 for a 90 day period.  Hello.

Memo to the Drug Manufacturers.  Either charge a decent price for the Rx or I'm just going to have to go without and you won't get one stinking red cent from me. If you don't have the money, you don't have it. I try to be relaxed because cursing at the TV, newspaper or Internet doesn't get you anywhere.

I go to the Diabetes Doctor in October.  I'll see what she says.  Oh, and my Insurance Company will not cover one of my insulins next year so I'll have to change the $400 one anyway.

I just want to smack somebody.  Know what I mean?


  1. You don't need make-up, Barbara.

    The ice dyed work is beautiful!

    The drug companies gouge the people and the insurance companies often only look after themselves and the bottom line. I don't know what the solution is but if people are living longer, we need one!

  2. Oh do I ever! Our Rx issue is a nightmare here. One of Rick's drugs is so damn expensive, like $400 a month. So the dr. gave him a coupon code so he gets it free for one year. I don't know what we are going to do when the year is up. As my dear friend in Ireland tells me all the time, "why doesn't your company take care of its people?" I wish I had an answer for that. We allow the drug companies to charge whatever the hell they want to charge and make as much money as they can. IN the mean time we are all suffering needlessly because we can't afford our meds or worse, much worse.
    Do you sell your bandana's? I think you could easily do that on Etsy Barbara. Make some extra cash doing something you love. Get people of all ages to model them and put up the pix. I bet you could sell like crazy.

  3. My, you are really getting good with your ice dying. I say it's hard enough being sick. You shouldn't have to battle to get care and the medications you need.

  4. I'd be pissed off about that inadequate insulin coverage too. I hope it all works out! Your ice dye patterns are fabulous!

  5. The bandanas are so beautiful! Our medical system drives me crazy when it comes to problems like you are having! It is infuriating!

  6. First of all, I love all the bandanas that you have ice died...gorgeous! Buddy looks like he is really loving his sheet. :)

    Those drug companies tick me off. They know that they are pricing people right out of being able to afford their medications and it it beyond ridiculous! I hope you are able to get some help with the cost on that.

  7. Never heard of ice dyeing. I like it! And ... I know what you mean abt. the medicines; wish there was something we could do besides scream at the TV and the Internet.

  8. it's tragic what the drug companies do to us. :(

  9. I think Margaret has a good idea about putting your bandanas on Etsy. I have a friend who makes pretty good money that way.
    It seems every day we hear about the price of some medicine being raised ridiculously. Hopefully all the media coverage will shame the pharmaceuticals into being humane.

  10. I agree with you. Pharmacos make too much money, and on the backs of those who cannot afford it. Outrageous and wicked. One of my meds just became generic and the helps. I dread David having his diabetes get worse. Right now he's on Metformin.

  11. PS you are becoming quite skilled with your ice dying. And you look beautiful in your scarves.

  12. Wow, those ice dyed items really look nice!

    By the way, I don't know if this will help or not... In a previous life (haha) I managed a mental health clinic. One thing I learned is that most, if not all, of the pharm companies will GIVE you what you need medically if you qualify. We had many, many patients who received their meds free. Handling this for them was something I took on because it was so important, and they didn't have money to buy their meds. Check with your doctor, your social services agency, and even contact the company that makes your Rx. All I submitted for our patients was a prescription, and the form they filled out and signed stating their information that qualified them (and whatever else was needed-maybe a first page of their 1040. It was a lifesaver. And well worth the time if you quality. Each approval lasted a year for the meds. :)

    1. I go to the Doctor in October so that will be my starting point. I'll see what suggestions she has. I have called the drug companies but I will become more aggressive after the appointment. What I seem to hear from them is that if you have Medicare then they don't want to give you any additional help. Thanks for pumping me up. You need lots of stamina to get through this.