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Monday, November 28, 2016

A few moans and a few decorations.

I'm feeling blue today.  Surprisingly, I've talked with a couple of people who are blue too.  I'm not sure but I think it has something to do with the election. Whether you are for or against him, you can still be worried.

I don't think the good old days are really the good old days.  I remember looking back at my childhood and thinking those were the good old days.  My grandson thinks they sound horrible.  I remember being a young working mother.  Those were definitely hard but I thought they were good.  Even retirement sounded so good ...  now it is a lot harder that I expected but if what I hear from the really old is true ... these are their good old days.

So when the Donald brings back the good old days, I wonder which ones he is referring to.  Enough.

I've sold a few of my tie dyed socks and some of my Ebay items are moving right along.  Sold a pair of brand new shoes still in the box that I had been saving from my working days.  LOL.  I kept another pair just like them which had with very little wear.  I used to buy multiples of things that fit and worked well.

I also have a brand new purse with tags that I'm selling.  Really?  And I wonder where all my money went.  Oh well.  If they don't sell for Christmas I will donate them.  At least I had a good house cleaning finding things to sell.

I wanted to share these pinecone lights/ornaments I picked up at the Thrift Store. They are about 3" tall and 2" across.  There were two boxes I bought for a pittance to sell but I decided they were too me to sell.

This one had a light stuck in it and I couldn't get it out.  They came without a string of lights but that was no problem.  I had colored and white but I decided the white showed the shape off best.  

I put up the table top tree this year and the pinecones are so large on it but I don't mind.  The only other decoration I put on it is this old bird I found.

I may look for some birds on sale after Christmas.  Although that comes in under the "Want" rather than "Need" category.

Here is the finished product for today anyway.

I'll tell you about the tins next time.


  1. I love those little lights....so pretty!

  2. The cones look so nice on your tree! You have the spirit of the season, Barbara.

  3. Well, I think the "god old days" are the days when you were young, no matter when they were, and no matter what else was going on. B loves to remember going to her grandmother's farm when she was a kid, even tho. there was no indoor toilet. Go figure! Anyway, me too, love your decorations.

  4. I think anyone who is not a bit concerned today (on both sides) is probably on something I wish I had. We will get through.
    Love your tree and hope it perked you up.

  5. Last evening I wrote a comment from my phone. It didn't take. I did it again and it blinked and it was gone. I gave up. Better that it happened I spoke of that orange oompa loompa you mentioned. Anyway I just love your tree and I really like those white pine cones. If I were not a scrooge I would get some of those. :-)

  6. This is definitely a time of year that gets me down. It was so dark today that I had lights on all day. 36 degrees, icy rain and dark clouds, plus sunset at 4:30 really do contribute to a blue mood. I will be ready for pajamas and bed by 5 p.m. I'm afraid. I did decorate and all the lights and a warm fire help.