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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Just Wishin' and Hopin'

I went to Michael's and JoAnn's yesterday.  Michael's is such an adult playground.  I just loved everything and the 40% off Christmas decorations really called to me but I was on a fact finding mission.

I'm making some of my ice dyed bandanas into pouches and needed ideas for the handles.  I used children's woven belts for two pouches I made.  That worked well but that is the sort of thing you have to luck up on.  I also used some rope like material I got on the eyelet aisle.  It worked well if you need it to be adjustable.

Today I dropped by the thrift stores and didn't find anything I could use.  I did pick up a fishing coffee mug for my BIL and a new cup for me that I just could resist because it was so pretty.  It has a scalloped rim.  I've never see a coffee cup like that.  I'll take a picture tomorrow to show you.  

I was going to pick my Grandson up from school today but my sugar dropped while I was out shopping so I had to hurry home.  I noticed how the sky was getting darker earlier and the time hasn't even changed.  Dark evenings make me want to snuggle inside but I'm kind of sad to see the long days disappear.  

I ordered Christmas CDs from the library and they came in today.  Both of my sisters (and my daughter) love to play Christmas music in the car so I always record a couple of CDs for all of them and give them as early Christmas presents at Thanksgiving.  We are rarely together on Christmas day anymore.  One sister lives out of town and the other has several sets of in-laws and out-laws to visit. So we exchange gifts at Thanksgiving instead.  

I made it through Halloween without eating any chocolate.  Not an easy thing when big bags of crunchy chocolate bites call to you at every store.  My blood sugar has been good again so I didn't want to rock the boat.  

Well, that all for this evening.  Talk to you soon. 


  1. Love those colours ♥ Good that you managed not to eat any chocolate♥

  2. You are so clever. Those bags are adorable. I went shopping yesterday and noticed that the stores are full on Christmas, even the grocery store.

  3. I love those little bags. They are so pretty and cute.

    I will say you did way better than I did on the chocolate front! Keep it up.