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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Another wonderful day

My days continue to get better and I am so grateful.  I haven't been playing any Christmas music, which I love, but there is plenty in the store so I have been humming along.

It was really cool here today.  I wore a sweater all day and Buddy wore his too.  I watched Reverant that I checked out from the library.  Having seen Jeremiah Johnson (with Robert Redford) so many years ago, it was ok but it kind of seemed like a remake.  The scenery was all in the snow country.  They were constantly going through water and it made me cringe to think of my feet wet and cold.  Their hair always looked oily and dirty, which I'm sure is the way it really was, and that really grossed me out.  Hahaha.

Guess that is about all I have today.  I was busy but nothing to write about.


  1. I always smile when you mention sweaters, especially Buddy's. Cutie!

  2. Totally agree that Jeremiah Johnson was a better movie. So glad you are on a roll with good days. Bad ones can come in bunches but so do the good ones and they are much more fun.