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Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Spirits are Lifting

My spirits have picked up a little and I'm so thankful.  There are things that happen in life that will get you down but I hate it when I have the blues and there is nothing really wrong.  So fingers crossed that I am through it.

My other sister comes to town this weekend and we will all meet up for a family get together.  I'm especially excited since I missed Thanksgiving.  We are going to have Ham sliders and whatever sides everyone makes.  

I'm hoping the Grand Girls can come because they so rarely get to see everybody but my son and my sister lives about as far away from each other as you can get. So, I have to forgive my son if he is not up to the drive - fingers crossed that he will come through at the last minute.

The Grand Son wants to invite his girlfriend.  Hahaha.  That will be a first for them although she has joined my daughter and I before.  My daughter is also inviting her boyfriend.  He was invited for Thanksgiving but was with his family. I know it is a drag to spend an evening with people you don't know but hey, we all did it.  Right?

I bought Christmas dresses for the little girls.  Fancy, ruffly things from the resale shop.  They love fancy dresses but for some reason I have not been able to find the shoes I want.  I think that is because I am looking for 1950 style black patent leather.  Anyway.  I may let them wear them their new dresses if they come.

My thumbs are killing me so I've been taking a rest from my tie dyeing this week.  I am going to start knitting a scarf tonight (I hope).  The thumb use is somewhat similar but the strength I need to tie rubber bands for dyeing is not needed with knitting so I'm hopeful that my thumbs will come through for me.

Buddy has his sweater on today and I am wearing jeans.  I even have a sweater on over my short sleeve shirt.  I turned the heater on just to take the chill out of the air.

Hahaha.  It smelled so bad when I ran the heater a week or so ago that the fire alarm went off.  Glad I did a warm up before I was actually closed up in the house with the smell.

I also got my electric blanket out, but not the plug.  It has to get really cold for me to sleep with that much heat but I do like to pile the blankets on.  Something about the weight of blankets that makes me feel snuggly.

It's only December 1st, but with cool weather (I won't call it cold) it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas - well winter anyway.  I'm not switching out my clothes just yet.  I know we'll be back to shorts in a couple of days.  LOL.

Here's Buddy making sure I don't have fun without him.  Sssh.  Don't tell him pink is for girls.  We inherited this from my daughter's girl dog.  It keeps him warm even if he looks like a log on sticks!  hahaha.  Love that dog.


  1. Buddy's sweater is great!

    I love the weight of the blankets too. It is so cozy that way!

  2. Buddy looks so handsome in his pink sweater. I think I read somewhere that dogs only see in shades of grey anyway, and from the way he is posing he is very proud of his "new" sweater. "A log on sticks" cracked me up.

  3. I can't sleep if I'm hot. I love a COLD room and then I dive into my bed with big lofty down comforter. My sister visited and said that our bedroom was like a meat locker. That made us giggle. It can be 2 degrees outside and the rest of my house is warm and toasty but not the bedroom :-)

  4. Buddy looks darling! And you can tell him that when a guy wears pink, it means he's self assured and has no issues with his masculinity. At least that's what I think! Glad you're perking up. :)

  5. Hey, real men wear pink. Buddy looks adorable. Hope your son feels better and can make it. Enjoy the gang.

  6. Glad you are feeling better. Buddy looks quite dashing. We have been having unseasonably "warm weather" with temps in the 40's. I am looking forward to my escape to Florida right after Christmas.

  7. Buddy looks very dapper. I am sure your grands will look beautiful. Yes we love our dogs. At the moment Gianni is under my chair and asleep, farting away.