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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Taking Care of Business

Not a lot to tell.  I got out to take an Ebay package to the post office and to pick the Grand Son up after a Christmas Snow Day at the high school.  Some company donated fake snow and he said they had a great time.

I have been colder this winter than any other time I can remember.  I wore two pairs of socks, turned on the electric blanket and put a lap blanket on top of that and stayed in my recliner as much as possible.  So did Buddy.

I just found out my BIL is in the hospital.  He has diabetes but doesn't mind it like I do.  He also had an on the job injury that caused him to have hip surgery and then some serious back pain.  Two days ago he got some Steroid shots in his back.  That night and the next day he started having severe reactions which I now recognized as high blood sugar.  They called the doctor and he sent them to the hospital where is sugar was nearly 600 and he was about to have kidney and liver failure.  They quickly got the blog sugar down and are monitoring the rest to see if there is any damage.  This was a reaction to the shots, which is a common reaction, but they are not sure what kind of numbers he was having before the shots.

He is the one that got that diabetic foot infection and they thought he might lose his foot, but once again, modern medicine to the rescue.  Since then I go to the doctor anytime I think I might have some serious problem with my foot.

One time I went because I kept having this little pain in my foot and I couldn't figure it out.  I was embarrassed to go to the doctor but it turned out I had a staple in my foot which could have become infected and they had to dig it out.

Whether it is your heart, kidney or blood sugar, keep a diligent watch out for things that can become a problem.  We all hate taking our medicine, monitoring our health and being told to give up some of the things we love.

I admit I don't believe everything I hear and am told ... but I do listen.

Let's stay healthy as long as we can.


  1. So true. It's good idea to do your own research. I don't entirely trust doctors anymore.

  2. A staple in your foot? OMG. That's a good reminder of why we shouldn't hesitate to have even small issues checked out at the doctor's instead of just ignoring them. I hope your BIL is feeling better soon.

  3. I enjoy your medical updates. David is fortunate, he has me to nag him about pills and food. I did not know sugar could go so high.

  4. Sure hope your BIL is doing much better. You are right, we are so much in control of our own health and must keep on top of things. The docs can't do everything, a lot of it is in our court.

  5. Yes, let's! It doesn't hurt to be skeptical these days.

  6. For me, it seems that every winter I feel a little colder. Anyway, your advice is good for all of us -- take care of ourselves and don't be too embarrassed to go to the doctor. Best wishes to your BIL.