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Friday, December 9, 2016

O'Dark Thirty

If you had military men in your family you probably grew up hearing that phrase. Tom's article touching on "War" as it relates to WWII vs. Vietnam made me think of it.  I must have heard it a lot because I say it a lot.

I did find success on the Troll shopping trip.  As I neared Big Lots (I don't know if you have them), I thought why not try.  They are not very large stores and once it's gone it is usually the end of that product.  I found the last two large Troll characters and two pack of smaller ones for the littlest Grand Girl.  Great trip. No large mall.  No packed store.  My kind of shopping.

I was surprised at the prices however since Big Lots is usually pretty affordable. It is not so much that I mind being poor in retirement, i.e. social security, but I wish prices would stay in line with what I get so that Christmas or Birthdays would not break the bank.

The weather is still cold down here and supposed to be colder tomorrow.  Buddy stayed in bed all day.  He got up twice when I went downstairs, but came right back up and got under the covers.  It really was nippy here last night.  I take back what I said about the electric blanket.  I've been sitting under it all afternoon.

My son took the Grand Girls to get Santa photos tonight and they are precious. I'll share as soon as I get a copy.

More later....


  1. Last night the weatherman was saying that we would be saying goodbye to the warm weather, brace for a cold snap. I had to scream out loud at the TV. It's been in the mid 30's! Well now we are expecting temps in the teens, but cold is cold.

  2. OH I love Big Lots. Your heating blanket story reminded me of my husband the other night. He asked for the heating pad to put on his shoulder. Next time I look over at him he is sitting on it. He said his butt was cold. I think the leather chair was cold but of course he has to say it his way. :-)

  3. I'm really out of the loop on kids' toys these days. Trolls are back in fashion? Who knew? LOL. Hugs, and stay warm and healthy! ~ Nancy

  4. So glad you scored so well with the trolls. No Big Lots here. Another thing you might want to consider is an electric throw. I love mine. They are inexpensive and great for sitting on the couch watching TV and knitting. Bet Buddy would snuggle right in.

  5. You searched for trolls. Most mant to avoid them.Lol. I bet your sweeties will love them!