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Friday, February 10, 2017

Cookies - and not the kind you eat

If you have had any difficulty signing on to read my posts it might be because I deleted all the cookies on my computer.  I don't even know what they attach to... my website, my internet number code, gmail in general.  I just know that sometimes I will visit a site and then for the next 20 times I log into something that has an ad hook-up space, and I'll get the same ad over and over.

There was a job listing for an attorney in town.  Before responding to any job posting I always read the website to know more about the attorney.  I'm very particular about what type of law I want to do and what part of town I want to be in.  So I read this lady attorney's website.  She wanted a spanish speaking legal assistant which I am not, so I just read it out of curiosity.  

As I said, the next 20 sites I opened, her ad kept appearing and it aggravated the you know what out of me so I just cleaned out all the cookies.... that did fix that problem but now I have to sign in all of the blogs I read and the websites I visit until my information gets save again.

So if you've had trouble signing in (Thanks for the Heads Up Diane), that was me messing with things again.

In other news, I had a lovely outing with my friend.  We had lunch at the Mexican Restaurant and visited a Thrift Store.  She picked up a few things but I only wanted to look at the dolls.

I have several items of real baby clothes that are to large for the dolls the Grand Girls have over here and I thought I would look for a larger doll.  There were none in the store we went to. I remember having some larger dolls when I was a girl.  The one I was thinking about was about knee high on me.  I'm not sure if they still make them.  Maybe I'll do some research on Amazon or Toys R Us and see whats available out there.

Isn't it just the greatest being a Grandparent.

My son and the Grand Girls (back two)
feeding the ducks.


  1. I hate when I actually make a purchase and then am inundated with the ads for that item. I already bought it, now leave me alone!

  2. I must agree...being a grandparent is a wonderful thing.

  3. We had the grandgirls today because school was closed. One of the great joys in life is being a grandparent!

  4. I clean up my computer once a week at least--more if I get annoying ads. Small price to pay for peace of mind. Great shot of your son and grands enjoying the ducks.

  5. I miss my granddaughters...they are all grown up now and off on their own adventures.

  6. I'm glad to see that you are feeling better, and are posting again. I hope you find what you are looking for in a job or whatever else you decide to do with your spare time.

    Stay well!

  7. I wonder if that was what was causing your blog posts not to show up in my feed to read?