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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Food for Thought

As I was once again playing catch-up on my blog reading, I read Bob of Satisfying Retirement's post "Are You A Shadow Artist".  See post here.

I love a good post with "Food for Thought."  I have worked in the legal field in some position - legal secretary, paralegal, office manager or billing specialist - for most of my career.  The majority of my family is involved with the law in some manner, probably because my father was as lawyer and as the oldest sister I influenced the others in my job selection.  (My youngest sister was a legal assistant and married an attorney; my daughter went to paralegal school and has worked at the same law firm for about 13 years; my son is going with a paralegal who he says he is going to marry [I'm not sure if he told her, but he told me.] and the grandson wants to be a police officer.)

Funny that, but the point is that I did use my work in a law office to satisfy my creative needs.  In my position I was able to create - documents, solutions to problems, and friendships.  There are more ways it feed my creative side that I won't bore you with.  I always knew it was the right place for me and now I understand the reason.  It was my creative outlet.

Did you find that in your work?  I consider myself lucky and I shall write in my Gratitude Journal that I am thankful to have found my calling so early in my career and that I had so many years to enjoy it.

Maybe that is why I keep dallying with the thought of going back to work.  My brain misses that creative outlet.


  1. How fortunate you were to discover your calling early in life. It certainly sounds like a family attraction for the law that started with your Dad.

    Have a great weekend, Barbara.

  2. An excellent point that we should take to heart (altho' I hope you didn't get too creative when it came to billing!).

  3. People seldom realize how creative the law is. I'm glad you know!