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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hey Hey,  Just checking in while the microwave is cooking my dinner.  I'm having a frozen concoction from Chili's, I think.  I've had a different one or two already.  They are so easy but soooo spicy -- or at least to me.   I don't do spicy so I pick out the peppers!

Interesting things on the job hunt today.  Got one rejection letter and one follow-up phone call.  I woke up feeling pretty glad I didn't have to go to work today. Hahaha. Does that tell you what direction I'm leaning towards.

The son dropped by and ate lunch with me.  Well he ate lunch and I was still drinking coffee.  Oh the life of a retiree.  He has a new sweetheart and is pretty happy.  I'm so glad for him.  He has had a rough time finding the right girl.  I haven't seen this one but I keep telling to leave those long-legged blondes alone and find a girl that wants to be a wife and mother.  If you are one of those long-legged blondes -  ok with white highlights now - I'm sure you were one of the good ones.

Daughter is also feeling the romance with the same nice man.  Happy Valentines to all those with a sweetheart.

Son bought a camper (pull-type) that was an extra good deal.  I'm trying to talk him into finding a place near the lake to keep it and let me live in it.  We'll have to see after he gets to use it a couple of times.  I know they are not made to be forever homes but let's face it, I am on the downside of forever.

Had an appointment with the diabetes doctor today.  A1C (3 month average) dropped a little bit and she was glad for that but she still wants to get my numbers to normal.  I'd like to see normal too but dang it's hard to watch the carbs, prick the finger and take the shot all the time.  Poor little me.  Fifty years ago a person with my level of diabetes would have died.  Heck, even 20 years ago would have been in the dark ages as far as treatment goes.  They'll find more answers eventually.  Medicine is trial and error until it hits success.

Well we've only had 2 days of winter this year.  I did get a few items of clothing out - including my winter nightgowns and housecoats - but I have barely even worn a sweater.  I just worry if the winter is this warm what will the summer be like.  I know that's not a real judge of weather conditions but feels like an old wive's tale that comes true.

Having a birthday get together with my friend tomorrow.  She lives in an outer part of the city so we will take advantage of her visit to town to spend time together.  I still have her Christmas present so it should be a day full of wrapping paper.

I plan on having my actual birthday party whatever day the Grand Girls can come over.  We'll go to the Dollar Store and buy decorations and they pick out a cake from the Grocery Bakery.  I'll share the pictures when it happens.  Might not be till next month.  It won't matter.  What's a party without my two little dress-up companions.

More later.  


  1. You're fortunate to have so much family around!

  2. Hiw lovely to live near family as you do. Birthdays are pretty fluid here too, whenever people can make it. Have a great birthday. Happy day!

  3. you've got a birthday coming up? Happy Birthday. My birthday is my favorite holiday!!
    Ah, those long legged blondes. :-) I so understand that comment.
    Enjoy your day. yesterday 71 and today bitter cold in the 30's.

  4. Know what you mean about dreading summer. We have had a similar winter. I think paybacks will be tough.
    Way to go milking your birthday. That is how it should be done. Make it last I always say. Happy Birthday.