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Thursday, February 9, 2017

The World is full of Email

I turned on my computer today and I had 5 new emails.  While receiving emails is not really a surprise since inboxes have become a depository like mailboxes used to be, I was nonetheless excited.

Hahaha.  All of the emails were from me.

While I was playing catch-up last night on my blog reading, Pinterest and Facebook, I sent myself reminders (sounded more like an order) of things I wanted to do, think about or items for my next trip to the grocery/dollar store.

I used to do this when we had landlines and answer machines.  If I wanted to remember to do something, I'd call and leave myself a message. (Truth:  It was equally exciting to come home and have 5 calls waiting.)

Well those days of landlines and answer machines are long gone.  But even better is that my email is hooked up to my smart phone so if I am picking up the Grandson from school and I get an email that my new library book is in, I can swing by and pick it up in the same trip.

Ah the little pleasures we find in life.  

Here is Buddy on one of the two cold days with his sweater on.

Here I am playing with one of my bandanas.  You can't tell but it was a very light blue and I wanted to see if it was too light to sell - it was but I liked it for me.

More later.


  1. What would we do without our toys? You are too funny. I was forced to have a landline with my FIOS, so I still have an answering machine. Also my phone accepts messages, although I am just as likely to receive a text message from one of my kids. BTW, I am Dianne over at Schmidleysscribblins. Gmail makes me sign in with their ID and my email addy? Go figure.

  2. I love the bandanas. You wear it well as does the young girl on your blog. I wish I could rock a bandana.
    I'm jealous!

  3. It is great to have the emails as reminders. I like like that too. Buddy is too cute. Lucky he doesn't live here, poor dog. He'd have to be under a down duvet all winter.

  4. I only have a dumb phone so it wouldn't work for me but it sounds like a good idea.