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Saturday, June 10, 2017

I should call this "Just Chillin' "

Well life has been going along swimmingly.  Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning and sometimes just floating along on my back.  Hahaha.

My little law office job is great.  There is a chance it may end soon because of some changes that may happen at the office and I will be sad.  The good side of that is I will be able to keep the little girls for a couple of days at a time during the summer if I am not working.  So, I guess, either way I win.  

The Grandson is still here and we are making progress with his life.  We are seeing if we can get some financial aid so he can go to college.  I told him it was likely to be very hard with all the cutbacks the government wants to make.  I'm lucky that is girlfriend is very smart and driven.  (And You Know life is all about the girlfriend right now.)  So he is trying to act a little bit more mature and responsible than her!

Memorial Day weekend I signed up for a free week of Cinemax.  They were showing Jurassic World.  I had not seen it since the movies and enjoyed it immensely.  I also watched a handful of Dirty Harry movies.  So 70s.  Loved it....The clothes, the hairstyles - head and mustache - and New York City.  That Clint Eastwood.  Such a guy.  Some actors will also stay number 1 in your mind. He is in mine.

Went to the diabetes doctor this week.  She increased my long lasting insulin again and jiggled the numbers around for the amount of quick acting insulin I take with each meal.  Brother.  What a drag.  I can take the sticks in my figures and the shots in my legs and side but darn it, I hate the way it empties my pocket book.  This country really needs to get a grip on drug costs.  A necessity should not be so expensive when it can/should be affordable.

What else.  My yard.  It has a good bit of green but not really pretty - know what I mean.  I have really neglected it this year.

My ice dye/tie dyes have really been selling lately.  Guess the kids are "feeling groovy" this summer.

Aside for my recent Clint Eastwood marathon I haven't been watching much but I have been listening to quite a few books on tape.   They are a pretty good way to wind down the day if you don't have cable.  I always think that I look like the picture of families sitting in front of the radio.  There I am in my easy chair or lying in bed just listening to the story and imagining my own pictures.

For you Lincoln Rhyme fans, I am listening to The Burial Hour by Jeffrey Deaver.  Part of the story occurs in Italy and one of the Italian Police Officer tells Rhyme how he likes American Western stories and discusses a couple of women writers who were well known for their western books.  I read a western every now and then but I didn't know about them.  I didn't have paper and pens to write their names down but I decided I will do some research on that.  So that brings me to spaghetti westerns, of course.

I think I'll treat myself to a few more Clint Eastwood movies.... A Few Dollars More, A Fistful of Dollars and Hang 'em High come to mind.  We'll just have to see if I can find a little more free time to spend with Clint.

Do you feel lucky?  Well do you?  .... Dirty Harry


  1. Sounds like life if pretty sweet right now -- that's good!

    1. It is true Debra. We often don't appreciate the times when things are happy but maybe a little boring. Hahaha. I'm feeling grateful for boring.

  2. Welcome back, Barbara. It is good to catch up with you.

    You are busy indeed but sounding good. Working agrees with you!

  3. Marie, this little job does seem to feel a need. I thought I had finished with the working world but I missed that sense of keeping the world organized and in order. I think that is similar to the empty nest syndrome. When all of our little chicks are gone we have no way to use up that energy we spent on them for years.

  4. Great photo of you. You looked beautiful. I am happy to hear the kids are buying up all your ice dying items. I knew they'd sell. :-) Not a fan of Eastwood but whomever you like it is such fun to relive old movies of those you enjoy isn't it? I like really old ones like spencer tracy and hepburn. Anything Cary Grant. Those are my favs!

  5. YOu are gorgeous my friend! I'm glad to see you back. I've missed you. :) I'm happy that your ice dyed clothing is selling. This really is the perfect time of year for it don't you think?