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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hello Houston, We Have Toilet Paper

First, let me say there is sun outside.  The water in the backyard is mostly gone. I think I'll go down and open the garage doors soon and let it air out.  

I was ready for a melt down last night.  Even at 6:30 a.m., when I went back to bed, it was raining.  At some point you sleep, even if you are scared.  Also found out that, apparently, I can drink coffee in the middle of the night and still fall asleep.  I hope I don't go wild with my new found knowledge and skill.

Seriously, I know this is not over but is closer to being over.  Thanks for letting me vent I really needed someone to talk to.  

I looked out the top window just now and there are walkers and bicyclers outside.  That is my neighborhood for you.  We are out if we can be.  I want to go out and see more but I am so very tired.  

And the funniest news:  After all my worrying about running out of toilet paper I found a 6-pack on the shelf by the puppy pads.  Hello.  I've looked inside that self several times each day to reach for another pad but never saw them.  That is how fixated you can get in an emergency.  Bread and toilet paper, that was all I could think of .... and if the water didn't reach inside the garage, I'd be safe.  

I know my troubles have been minor compared to others, but I am so thankful for my safety so far.     


  1. Sunshine and bicycles. Those make the day brighter. (As long as I'm not trying to ride the bike.) Hopefully this will end and the years of recovery can begin.

  2. Glad to hear you OK - our cottage was flooded in 2014 by the tail end of Big Bertha hurricane coming over from USA - horrible experience - I feel for you. Take care.

  3. So glad to hear this news, Barbara. Let's pray the water recedes quickly. I just saw the news and the sun was out in Houston as you describe. It must be such a relief. I pray the worst is over! It will be a long road back by the look of it though.

  4. Glad you found that extra toilet paper. Sometimes it just has to be all about the little things. But then, no toilet paper is not a little thing if you are out of it!