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Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday Hurricane Harvey update

Simply incredible.  I have lived through many hurricanes in Houston but this one is so different.

The majority I remember having very strong winds.  Not so this time.

The majority I remember with heavy, beat the plants to the ground, side-ways blowing rain.  Not so this time.

The majority I remember as being so so hot and muggy.  Not so this time.

As you've heard, there is nowhere and no way to go if you decide you want to evacuate now.  So many firemen and other rescue workers have come to town. The news has been so full of hate in the US and every other nation that it is wonderful to see people helping each other.

I have no idea what all the people with flooded out homes will do.  Rents will sky rocket and people of lesser means will not have the financial means to relocate.

I was really scared last night as the rain came down a little heavier and more consistent than it has been.  I walked down to the corner late last night when it slowed to see if I could see any flood water coming this way from the bayou but I did not.  My street is still dry but my yard has standing water.  The water has not reached the garage which is crammed full of I don't know what.  I would hate to see the washer and dryer get flooded but they are replaceable.

My car is still safe in the driveway until the streets flood.  Again, cars are replaceable.

I have had no problem with my power and internet so far.  Very lucky in that.  If I quit posting updates it will probably be because my power is off.  Channel 2 news, CBS I think, which is near me, went off the air for a while yesterday because water got in the building.  

Thank goodness for puppy pads because old Buddy is to small to go through the water to find high ground.

Here's how to survive a hurricane:  You cover yourself with pillows and nap.


  1. Prayers and hugs. Stay safe and update us when you can.

  2. I pray that you will stay safe and up out of the water. From one small dog owner to another, I hope you don't run of puppy pads, until after your yard is dry again.

  3. Buddy has the right idea, Barbara.

    I pray you continue to stay dry through this week. You are the face of Houston to me, Barbara. Take care!