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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Safe and Sound for now

 What a strange Hurricane.  Just like they predicted, slow moving.  Stuck over poor little Rockport, which you may not know is the nesting ground for Whooping Cranes during the winter and early spring months.  Here is a little link if you are interested.

We took the boat tour when my children were very young.  They are not very attractive birds until they open their wings.  They have this incredible wing span and their flight reminded me of a kite with a big diamond followed by a long tail. Since it is marsh land they live in I don't think their natural habitat will have been totally destroyed.  Fingers crossed on that.

You know I don't have cable anymore so I can't exactly turn on live TV.  As tired as you get of the talking heads, you sure miss it when you don't have it.  I've been watching various sites on the computer but I don't feel like I know what is really happening.

The winds woke me up about 1:00 a.m.  The winds were strong but whooshing through the trees.  It sounded like one of those tapes you buy to go to sleep to. I thought this is it.  It is almost here.  I stood on the porch awhile and then went back to bed.  I know I fell asleep because Buddy woke me up sometime later when he jumped in the bed to hide.  He shakes like a fool during storms and this one had him rocking and rolling.  I never heard what he heard and all was quiet when I woke up this morning.

Yesterday in my area it rained gently all day.  The soft kind of rain you loved to play in when you were a kid.  I tried the grocery and bread store again but no luck.  I have to send an Atta Boy to the Kroger grocery chain.  Yesterday at 3:00 when I went back, they had men restocking the shelves and multitudes of boxes waiting to be unboxed.  These stockers were not the regular Kroger employees. They reminded me of firemen - big, sturdy men - wearing Kroger shirts but not the same ones the store employees wear.  I was very impressed with Kroger's call to action.

I have to tell you that I really had to prepare myself yesterday to meet my maker. I can't even imagine what my day would be like if Harvey had rolled into Houston and hovered here like it is doing in Rockport.  Even though the hurricane has been downgraded, we are still in fear of its potential to change routes and reform into a strong hurricane again.

Here's a little picture of Buddy to close with.


  1. You've been on my mind as I've seen reports of Harvey all day. I am happy you've come through this part of it so well. Poor buddy! It is good to have such a faithful companion, even though he is scared. Caring for him is a good distraction!

    Continued good luck with it Barbara! Thinking of you.

  2. Buddy looks unconcerned in that picture . . . maybe shook himself into a faint. Animals do seem to sense something in the weather that mere humans cannot.