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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday Early Morning

It's still raining that medium but constant rain.  I took a little walk in the rain to the corner store and back Monday afternoon.  Bless their heart, the store has been open most days since this started.  It is family run and they must live close to be able to get to the store.  They have a nice little grill with 2 dozen items and I've eaten there many times.  When I walked in the store today there were long lines at the grill and at the cash register.  There was no bread - again.  I saw some canned soup and a couple of boxes of cookies that remained on the shelves, not much more.

I guess I woke up about 2:00 a.m. this Tuesday morning.   I finally gave in and put on my goulashes and stomped through the water to check the water level in my garage.  It still has a very little way to go before it reaches the door.  It's as if that is my safety level gage right now.  As if saying "well it hasn't reached the garage yet" will mean I'm safe.

I checked out the radar on my laptop again.  As they keep warning us, the next big fear is not only the flooding but that the hurricane/storm will head back to the Gulf and then pick up steam and start all over again.

I also walked out to the street while I was checking the garage.  No flooding there and the water seemed to be flowing towards the street gutters just fine. How much longer will the gutters be able to accept water I wonder.

They've opened some of the reservoirs.  I have heard of them but don't really know what that means as far as how many more houses will be flooded because of the release of the water.  The way I understand it is that they have no choice for fear the dams will break and the force of the water will be an even bigger danger.  Oh my.

There is a road near my house that many of the people who work at the Medical Center take to reach various highways.  I heard a steady stream of ambulances this afternoon and evening.  I wasn't sure if they were taking people in or taking them out.  I know that a lot of the electrical rooms for the various hospitals are in the basements.  I know they've flooded before and had to close the hospital for that reason.  I think they need to remedy that but it may be easier said than done. One article I read said they were evacuating M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital.  So that might have been what I heard.  How sad to be that sick and go through being transferred.  

I feel like I can't take the fear much longer.  Enough!  It needs to stop but the end is not in sight.  The circle of rain on the radar seems to get smaller and move easterly towards Louisiana but it still keeps raining.  I think they said it was moving at 3 or 4 miles per hour.  Heck, even I can move that fast.

The weather is still cool and I still have power.  I'm running low on food so I'll need to make a grocery run tomorrow if that is possible.  If not, the next day. Not sure if there will be anything on the shelf even if I get there.

I know each of you has some type of dangerous weather episodes particular to your area so you know the type of fear I am talking about.  No control. Constant fear for your family and friends.  I talk to everybody several times a day.  We are each alive and in a dry house.  For that I am thankful.


  1. I am glad you and family are still dry. The news is showing just awful pictures of homes being flooded and people being rescued by boats and helicopters. It's frightening to watch. Stay safe. I love your sense of humor still intact. Really want to take you out for a beer when this is all over (and I don't even drink beer, but you get the sentiment).

  2. Barbara, I wish I could help you in some way! I will donate to the Red Cross from here in Canada as the best thing I can think to do. I keep praying! You are in my thoughts every hour!

  3. Yes it is extremely scary. But I'm glad to hear you're still dry and even able to get out and see other people moving around. I keep telling my kids they need to have at least a two week supply of food at home but they just don't understand. Hard to do in a small rv but we do have three or four days worth. Need to work on that don't I. I was really good after Katrina but then you get lax again. I always worry about toilet paper. Lol stay safe.

  4. I pray this is over soon for all of you. Gee does Amazon prime deliver via drone food? That would be a blessing.