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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Grocery Shopping During Hurricane Harvey

Right or Wrong --  Houstonians apparently don't eat Tofu no matter how bad it gets.

Seriously, I imagine part of it is that you buy staples you can eat when the power goes off.  Hahaha.  I just thought it was funny.

Find humor where you can and there will always be happiness.


  1. Lol. It is hilarious. Hunger rather than tofu.

  2. I'd have to beyond hungry to eat that stuff. Too funny.

  3. Oh my goodness that is very funny. I too would eat cardboard before Tofu. I'm glad at least you were able to go to the grocery store. HOpefully things will be better for you soon.

  4. Barbara,
    I'm so glad you have been able to ride out this hurricane and still retain some humor. I can only imagine how terrifying the entire situation has been for all involved. I was able to read your accounts, and am glad you have made it through thus far. The tofu thing is funny. I'm not super fond it it myself, although one of my daughters loves the stuff--at least she would have been happy to see all of that tofu sitting there!!

    I have a nephew who was supposed to fly to Nicaragua for a missions trip, but he got stuck in Huston. His team never did make it to Nicaragua, but instead spent their time (and used some of their supplies) to entertain children in the hotel they were riding out the storm in, whose families had needed to evacuate their homes and had ended up in the same hotel. Their team squished together, so they could free up another room, as all rooms were needed. They are all safely home, now, and my sister, his mom, says he was greatly impacted by the experience. We have talked to him via text, but will hopefully get together with him before long to let him tell his story.

    Up here in Oregon, we are facing wildfires. The sky in our area is full of smoke and the cars are covered with a thin film of ash. There are no fires burning in the city where we live, but the smoke is blowing in from the forests, which are ablaze in many places. Yesterday, we did receive some light rain, which helped somewhat to clear the smoke out, which was welcome. The Columbia River Gorge is on fire, which is the most famous place that is burning, but there are many other fires as well.

    It seems that all I have to do is turn on the tv, and I see more disasters happening--Hurricane Irma is slamming Florida, an earthquake in Mexico, the devistation in Texas.....it's pretty sobering. So, prayer is high on my list for everyone affected by all of it. I'm glad you are ok. Hang in there!