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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I'm Moving

Moving on Up.  (insert The Jefferson theme song) Up to the third floor that is (there is an elevator).  Yes, it's true.  My daughter talked me into moving into an apartment with her.  She offered me a sweet deal on rent sharing.  She asked me about doing this so many times that I figured there was a secret motive.  Either I'm aging quicker than I think and she needs to watch over me or she wants her fair share of time with me since the Grand Girls and hence my son see me the most.

At any rate, I am going for it.  I have been packing for a week and the move is not until next week.  I am one of those people who have everything in a box properly labeled when the movers pull up.

Now remember that I have the worst sleep schedule.  So I have become a very flexible person during this process. (Frankie & Grace).  I sleep when I want for however long it lasts, I pack a box or two depending on my strength, sit whenever I feel fatigued (which is often), and then repeat in any order necessary.  I'll be ready before the movers and since my daughter is moving in on Saturday day and I will move on Tuesday (cheaper rates), I will move loose items like pictures (which there are many wall items) and Buddy and his blankets/dog beds over the weekend if I am up to it.

Buddy loves my daughter and is in her lap the whole time she visits me.  My daughter also has a dog and cat (yep, we paid lots of pet deposits - no refundable pet deposits).  My daughter's dog Chu has spent many nights over here so the dogs know each other.  However, the dogs living together and both wanting to be in my daughter's lap is going to be hilarious.  Ok maybe not from her standpoint.

I'm really going to miss my yard.  I have loved puttering around and calling it gardening.  I have especially relished the days of opening the door first thing in the morning for Buddy's outing and so many cool days we have left the door open so he could sit on the porch and watch the yard and my actions at the same time.  I do have a nice balcony and hopefully, I can put some chicken wire up to keep Buddy from sticking his body too far between the bars.

Want to hear something funny?  I haven't seen the place yet.  I  have seen the complex from the outside.  I know my daughter's taste and she knows mine so I am not worried.  I looked at all the pictures online and it appears to be a nice, neat apartment complex.  It is the biggest unit they have with a place for washer/dryer (extra charge) and designed in the roommate style with each bed and bath on either side of living room.

The area of town I live in now is the quaint, old, crafty neighborhood which is being torn down and huge townhouses built on the lots.  It is a walking/biking neighborhood and Buddy and I will really miss our walks (smells and tree watering).  The new neighborhood will be in a more uptown area with all the fancy stores and restaurants nearby.  The complex is oldish (if you call the 80s old) so better priced without some of the fancy doodle (wine chiller for example) needs of the working professionals.  There are dog parks and walking tracks near and a small fenced area in the complex.  Buddy and I will figure it out.

I suppose the night before I move the shock will set in.  Until then, I'm moving and a-groovin' at my own pace.  I'll send you pictures from the flip side (CB slang. Anyone remember that ... Breaker 1.9.)

Life is hard.  Life is messy.


  1. Moving is a challenge that I don't handle real well. But after it's over with, it's a wonderful thing. I think it's wonderful that your daughter wants to spend more time with you. I don't have a daughter and I do miss that sometimes. So take your time, do your own thing, and you and Buddy will definitely work it out.

  2. Wishing you all the best in your new home! It sounds great from your description and I hope you, your daughter and all the pets will be very happy together!

  3. I'm excited for you! It'll be nice to have company...someone to talk to every day. And your new lifestyle will fall into place in no time, I'm sure. That balcony can be a mini garden, maybe? A tiny oasis.

  4. It's great that you can move. I can only imagine how NOT fun it was during the hurricane to be home alone all the time. This will give you and her company. And, you can still go see the grandkids, or have them come visit and they can see you both! Win-Win!!

    Moving stinks, but it is always nice to have that "everything is clean" feeling which comes at first after you get settled.

  5. It sounds like a great arrangement, Barbara. Good luck with the packing. Once you settle in, you'll figure it all out.

  6. Big change. You are fortunate that your daughter wants to do this. When I was first thinking of selling my house and moving into a condo, my grandson suggested I move in with them. Let's just say my daughter did not exactly jump on that idea. My daughter, who as a teenager once said, "if you're gonna want some one taking care of you when you're a drooling old woman, it's a good thing you had Kevin." I lover her dearly, but wouldn't want to live with her either.