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Monday, September 11, 2017


So many of us remember 9/11 like it was yesterday.  Like we were there.  Like every loss was our loss.

My boss was in New York attending a seminar on  9/11/01.  I got a couple of phone calls from him to let the law firm know he and his wife were ok.  It was very hard for him to get a line out to call so most calls naturally went to their family.  He was not in imminent danger from the falling towers but as an asthmatic, he was having problems with the air.

Of course, nothing was running.  No planes, trains, etc.  He said you walked down the street and restaurants and stores were closed and everything was gray.

I started trying to find a way to get him out.  There were no rental cars available through the 800 number for the car rental agencies.  I had an idea that if I started calling locations outside of the city I might be able to find a car there I could reserve and then we would address the problem of finding a way out of town - even if he had to hire a taxi to drive him 100 miles.

I found a company, I don't remember which brand, that did have cars available. In fact, they had a car sitting at JKF.  I reserved that car as one alternative.  The airport was still closed at that time but I took a chance.  The next day some of the airport restrictions were lifted and he was able to get to the airport and pick up the rental.  He and his wife drove that car from JKF to Houston with as few stops as possible he said.

We didn't really talk about what he saw and knew about that day.  Sometimes all you want to know is that your friends or family are home and safe.  It occurred to me that in all the years we have never discussed this.

I feel bad being thankful that none of my friends and family were in the Towers or First Responders.

I feel bad praying that Irma didn't turn toward us.

The longer you live the more sadness you see.  It stays in your heart and you remember that sadness long after it is gone.  


  1. I was in the classroom with a group of middle schoolers. Another teacher came in and told me about what was happening. I remember mostly the eerie feeling of how quiet the skies were for days (weeks?) after that.