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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Halloween 2017

Gosh, it is almost Halloween and I haven't gotten in the spirit yet.  My daughter put a cute spider web on our door and I've been saving Halloween projects out of paper plates to do with the Grand Girls but I don't have the feeling yet.  Know what I mean? 

Leave it to the little artist (with help from her Dad) to come up with a Halloween project to make me smile.  

I have had something else on my mind - Fashion - which is totally unusual for me.  In some parts of the country it is getting cool, if not downright cold.  If you're a Southern lass like me you only see three days of winter per year.  However, I get the need for sweaters when all the winter fashion starts coming out.  I want to layer and wear those big fluffy sweaters.  

Hahaha.  I'd have to turn the AC to 60 degrees if I wore a sweater.  Kind of like lighting the logs in the fireplace.  We can do it if we crank the air up high enough.  

Hahaha.  Actually, I am thinking of starting a new style blog - The Apple Belly Blogger.   Just kidding.  A new t-shirt should suffice my clothing needs and sweaters will just have to be worn in my dreams.  


  1. Such a great Snoopy! How creative!

    I can't imagine winter without sweaters, Barbara!

  2. Love the Snoopy pumpkin. How clever. Had to laugh at the A/C and fireplace. Did that many times in Florida.