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Monday, October 30, 2017

Old Photos and Request to the maker of TightEye and TightNeck

This is a picture of a picture I found in a box my daughter had.  This is she and I, and I really can't remember what we were doing on a boat.  

She was born in July 1973 and by the look of it, she wasn't very old there.  She told me that she noticed that she was often dressed in red.  I told her that I liked red, and still wear red, and maybe that is why.  After I thought about it, I thought it was very strange that I found baby clothes in red!!

Here is another one with my daughter on the left, my son (b. 1979) in the middle in red and me.  I'm on a hunt now to see what other picture I find with any of us dressed in red.

Just a tree picture I like.  We have a lot of very tall trees.  The Grand Girls were here Saturday night and the artist and I went out to pick up pinecones to do a glitter and glue project next visit.  

We got back in the house before dark but I do appreciate all the lights we have around the complex, especially since I am in charge of dog walking and sometimes I am called out in the evening.  

Well, we've been here for a month now and we are settled in and happy.  We've had a month of minor - but aren't they all major at the time - mishaps.  We're looking forward to November and the start of a new season.

Speaking of seasons, I put my jacket on 2 or 3 times lately.  Amazing for Texas weather. 

I contacted the company that makes a product called TightEye and TightNeck and asked them if they would send me products to review on my blog.  I've seen them reviewed on other blogs and since I am the Queen of the Droppy Eyes and since I have been so brave about exposing my eyebrow dye, I thought I'd try something new again.  The products are a little pricey for my budget but if they work to tighten the eyelid and neck wrinkles, they make get worked into the budget.  I'll give you a heads up if they send the products. 


  1. Red is an unusual colour for a baby. I don't remember red clothes at all. Maybe for boys? We only had a girl.

  2. You should get the products free if you say you are going to do a review. Let us know.
    I'm huge for red also, even drive it.

  3. Nice pictures although you look far too young to be a parent! Hope they pass along that magical elixir and that you can report great success because I could sure use it.

  4. Red is my favorite color. But as you all have said you don't see a lot of children's clothes in red.
    I can't wait to hear about droppy eyes. I am more in need of bags under the eye solution other than the knife.Gee maybe if I put my pictures out there I can get some solution for bags, whatcha think? :-)

  5. Glad you are settled in and happy ... great pictures, I like those '70s glasses!

  6. I'm really glad you are settled in now:)