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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fun, Food, Family

Well, the months and months of Holidays are on a roll.  One up and four to go if you count Valentines - and I do because Chocolate is involved. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite of all the Holidays.  I think it is the most relaxed - and therefore most enjoyable - holiday for me.  Food and family.  No presents to worry about - or pay for on my meager earnings.  No problem if the turkey is overcooked or the yams are undercooked.  Just laugh and eat it anyway. 

My Dad was always the Turkey Cooker and every year he complained it was too dry or too moist - or he might pick on the stuffing instead.  It would not have been Thanksgiving without this comment.  In fact, it took me a long time to enjoy Thanksgiving again after he passed.  But one of my sisters has taken it upon herself to host Thanksgiving and we are back to laughter and telling stories.  And I think she makes up some of those stories about me!!  Sisters are like that you know. 

I don't do football but it's fine if others do as long as I have someone to talk to.  I also don't care what the food is.  We could have ham sandwiches and I'd be happy. 

I guess that means that Black Friday shopping will soon be on us too.  The Grandson just started a job at the major shopping center.  He thinks it won't be busy.  Hahaha.  What a way to get broken into a new job. 


  1. I also like Thanksgiving for the family, food, and funny stories told on siblings.
    I did enjoy the turkey cartoons.

  2. Love that cartoon with the women preparing the meal and the men enjoying football! So THAT'S how that nonsense started!

  3. OH your poor grandson. That will be a sure fire breaking in or breaking of him. :-)
    I don't care for the holidays but here they come.

  4. Lol. I don't care what the food is for any occasion either, Barbara. Being with family is what's important.

  5. Cute cartoons. Totally agree that Thanksgiving is the best. Relaxed with no pressure. Yes!!

  6. Thanks for the laughs! Holidays can be so complicated. I do love Thanksgiving even with all the cooking I have to do. We usually make the same foods every year, and I ADORE the smells! I'm glad your family can laugh again, even while missing your dad and his critiques of his cooking. In fact that IS something to laugh at.

    Btw, your new banner is nice! Love the doggy pics especially!

  7. I prefer Christmas -- more time off, easier to travel. More cookies. And I like presents! But I gotta admit, I like Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant."