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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

To Hear or Not to Hear - A Hearing Aid Test

I got a hearing test today at Costco.  I already knew I couldn't hear so it was just going to be a matter of how much .... How much hearing loss and How much for hearing aids. 

This is the type of apparatus Costco uses.  We've all had the doctor stick that thing in our ear in cold season.  This was similar but the skinny part felt like it was much longer.  I used the clicker apparatus to indicate when I heard sounds and at one point indicated when it was too loud to bear.  It probably took an hour, maybe less.  She explained my high hearing was good enough in both ears.  My left ear had the greatest hearing loss in total and the right ear had medium range (voices) hearing loss.  I haven't told my family the results yet because they'll swear I am one step from stone deaf.  

She said that I would hear better with hearing aids but didn't push that there would be that big of a difference.  Hum.  I have already scheduled an appointment with Beltone the week after Thanksgiving.  I wanted to get two quotes before I invested so much money.  I definitely want to be able to hear much better, not just better.   

I had a friend who took the prescription and then ordered off the internet for much cheaper and is very satisfied.  The printer was broken at Costco so she is mailing me my report.  I'll take a gander and do some online research after I talk to the second hearing aid place.  

*   *   *

I bought a little rolling cart for the kitchen from Walmart.  Our kitchen is very small and has no pantry!  This complex was once known for its tennis courts which was a big deal 10, 20 or (please don't tell me) 30 years ago.  I guess the young professionals ate out and didn't need much kitchen - but we do.  

So this little cart is 4" wide, with 3 shelves and 2-3 feet tall.  I bought it because it was so narrow and fit in the tiny space between wall and refrigerator.  I found it under bathroom storage carts.  I guess because it is so narrow most people would need something bigger in the kitchen but for us, it fits just right.  At this moment I can recommend it as easy to put together but since it is all plastic I'll have to give you a report on how long it lasts later.  Let's hope that is not next weeks blog!

More later....


  1. Oh, my day's coming! Sometimes I think both Rob and I are going deaf:) Of course, in his job, that's a blessing sometimes!!
    (The job he's had for over a year involves special needs kids who often yell cuss words at him, while trying to beat the snot out of him) When he was a very young man, he worked in a very noisy sawmill for several years. It did damage his hearing a bit, and he's always struggled with it a bit since then. I do notice I have trouble hearing certain frequencies, but can hear more than I want to most days:)

    Good luck with finding the ones you want for a price you can afford.

  2. My MIL got hearing aids last year. It was a big adjustment. Worth it though! Hope you have success too!

  3. Skinny little carts like that are a godsend!

  4. You are better off in the long run with getting hearing aids earlier rather than waiting until the loss is more severe. You will adjust better and be more likely to use them effectively.
    Your cartoon could easily have been of me and my husband.
    My condo has a tiny kitchen too. There is a "tennis court" all cracked and no net but they still reference tennis court in promotional real estate ads.

  5. I had mine done at an ear doctor. Nothing was put in my ear though, just in a sound proof booth with headphones. The recommended hearing aids were 6K an ear. So I passed. But my neighbor who used to work at an hearing aids place said the markup at a the places that only sell aids is very high and if I find what I need then go to Costco and buy them there. She told me it would save me thousands and I liked the sound of that. You may wish to try that after going to Beltone. Just a thought.
    Food find on the cart. I have seen them in wood too if you find you like it but the plastic isn't working for you.

  6. Hearing aids are brutally expensive. My sister needs them desperately so I will tell her about trying the internet. Thanks and good luck with yours.