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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Walking the Labyrinth


Walking the Labyrinth quiets the mind, opens the heart and grounds the body ... Some find answers to questions long asked, some find healing, creativity, a sense of wholeness.  

Labyrinths are currently being used worldwide as a way to quiet the mind, recover a balance in life, and encourage meditation, insight, self-reflection, stress reduction, and to discover innovation and celebration. They are open to all people as a non-denominational, cross-cultural blueprint for well-being. The practice of labyrinth walking integrates the body with the mind and the mind with the spirit. They can be found in medical centers, parks, churches, schools, prisons, memorial parks, spas, cathedrals and retreat centers as well as in people's backyards

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

St. Michael, the Archangel. 

I'm not one to talk about my religious beliefs or lack thereof.  I believe all religions are right and all are a little bit wrong.  So this post is not about a religious trek I am on.  It is about learning and opening my heart and my mind.  

So far I've read one book on Labyrinth Walking and traveled to three labyrinths in my city.  (The first one I never found, so I've only walked two.)  I really like the feeling at the Holy Cross Retreat (the second set of pictures).  It is a Catholic retreat and though I am not Catholic, I was welcomed most kindly and invited to use the labyrinth and walk the rest of the wooded compound.  

The Labyrinth at St. Thomas University (the first set of pictures) was bigger and located near the main entrance to the campus of this Catholic University.  I started my first walk on a Sunday evening. There were not very many students on this part of the campus so there was not much distraction.  I can see that once you are walking the labyrinth the sounds and sights of what surrounds you does not seem to invade your consciousness.  

I didn't have any great expectations about labyrinth walking.  I've never been able to meditate because I can't quiet my monkey mind (as in monkey jumping from branch to branch instead of sitting still).  Today on my second attempt I did a better job of thinking about why I was there, offering up a little prayer and asking for any guidance from above on any part of my life.  

Life is all about being open and flexible.  I am making myself available for any wisdom or truths that come my way.


  1. New experiences keep us young, Barbara. It sounds like you are enjoying the experience too.

  2. Nice. I have not used a labyrinth but I am a meditator. I think it is critical to my sanity (or what there is left of it).

  3. My sister labyrinth walker! Those are both beautiful labyrinths and I'm glad that you found them.

  4. I have not heard about Labyrinth walking. I am now going to look this up because it intrigues me.
    Walking with my dog or alone helps me in so many ways. I love walking. not to be confused with hiking. I too can't meditate for the same reason. So I'm off to google this. Thank you Barbara.

  5. Ooh, I have never seen a labyrinth but if I do, I will definitely give it a try.