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Saturday, December 30, 2017


Christmas was nice and very low key.   The Grand Girls were only here for a short while with all the Christmas obligations they had to go to.  I didn't even get any good pictures because we were busy trying on clothes, getting dolls dressed, coloring with new pens and drinking hot chocolate.  

The Grand Son had his car towed the two weeks before Christmas so that was his present from Dad!  Hard lesson and I know he was disappointed but he put up a good front.  However, last night he parked at a friend's apartment and got towed again.  I'm not sure why.  Probably tenant only parking but Dad bailed him out once again.  

I, however, since he is living with me and my Daughter, told him he was grounded for a month and had to be in by sundown except for work nights.  He asked me "when sundown was.  Like around 10:00?  That sounds reasonable."  Being home at 10:00 is reasonable but that is not a punishment.  So 6:00 it is. 

He went to bed early tonight.  I do feel sorry but his Dad has now paid as much in tows as he did for the old clunker.  

As for myself, I did score big this Christmas.  The Daughter and Son bought me a Roku-abled TV and wireless headphones.  Not only that but my daughter researched it so that I literally only had to plug them in and they were set up and sinked.  I did have to hook up my own accounts like for Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube.  But I just took them one at a time so as not to get frustrated.  The older I get the less tech-savvy I am, so I really appreciated the easy to work gift.  

New Years Eve Day I am spending with my Sister and her family.  I guess the Grand Son will go with me since his only other choice is watching Times Square on TV. 


  1. I had my car towed from a tenant only parking lot (many many many years ago) but I had to redeem it myself and let me tell you - I never did that again.

  2. Love the photos, Barbara. Happy New Year!

  3. Ooh, that TV sounds nice as do the headphones. You did score big. Have a fun and safe New Years celebration. May the 2018 bring you all you wish for.

  4. Happy New Year to you! I need gifts like that. lol!

  5. Nice. I like the idea of those headphones -- for friends and family who visit often and are hard of hearing and addicted to TV. I have to use ear plugs if I am not watching TV alone.