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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

No Cable TV means less Christmas stress

It occurred to me that I am feeling less Christmas stress this year and I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that we don't have cable TV. 

Since I did all of my shopping online Thanksgiving weekend, I have not been to the stores at all.  Macy's and Amazon, where I did most of my shopping, keep sending me emails about more ideas but they are easier to delete unread than trying to ignore a TV commercial. 

I also realized that since the commercials weren't on while the Grand Girls were here, I didn't hear them chiming in during every commercial break.  Interesting. Such an easy solution after years and years of being told how much you need this special something. 

This is not Buddy but looks very similar. 
If only he would sit still wearing a Christmas tutu.

Yes.  This is turning out to be a Very Merry Christmas after all. 


  1. Two good ways to simplify Christmas and tune out all the static!

  2. Maybe Buddy would sit still to wear a tuxedo instead of a tu tu:) My little Pomeranian likes wearing a little Santa jacket that was given to us for him, but with all of his Pomeranian fur he gets too hot after just a short time wearing it.

    I am turning off the news coverage pretty quickly here lately. It's just too much for me.

  3. That sounds wonderful, Barbara. Cable tv is disappearing around here too.

  4. Hi Barbara, it has been awhile since I got caught up with you and your life. :) We cut the cable several years ago and I am really liking not seeing commercials all the time. My older two grandboys don't have it at their home either, so they have no clue as to the latest and great toys on the market and that is perfect. :)

  5. Oh Barbara that is so nice. I would love a dog that would sit still that long to wear this. Not my dog.
    I am still watching satellite tv and today I will have an Amazon firestick. Do you have that? I am uncertain how it works. I see that it has hbo and showtime but you'll still have to pay I am assuming. The stick was on sale for $20 so I jumped. My theory is it's a bottle of wine but lasts longer. :-)

  6. It's a shame that there is so much pressure -- commercial pressure -- that it ruins the holidays with stress. It sounds as though you have stumbled on an excellent solution. My cable package has gone up to $200.00 per month so I am shutting the whole thing down when I leave for Florida. I will find a wireless provider when I get back. I really don't need a landline anymore and I think I can do without television for the summer anyway.

  7. Don't think you are missing a thing with no cable. Buddy is probably like most dogs that don't like dress up. I have a hard time putting a needed sweater on Callie--she is short haired and she always looks abused when I do.

  8. Love your blog.... I too did all my shopping on line. I use to be a avid shopper. We moved from Southern Calif to the middle of nowhere (Oregon Outback) for a life change in 2005 which has happily turned me into a bit of a recluse. Any who I must say the Christmas is much less stressfulnow.