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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Report on my new Hearing Aids and other sundry items

I have had my Hearing Aids just over a week now.  It is hard to answer whether you hear better.  Either you hear or you don't hear.  This is what I know. 

When the little girls were over last weekend I didn't once ask them to come to me when they were speaking.  Usually, I have to say "Come over here.  Nana can't hear you."  Then what happens is that they come closer and talk softer so I still can't hear.  Hahaha. 

My daughter commented as soon as they left how I never once had to ask them to come to me.  I had also noticed this and, if that was the only benefit, it would be worth the price to hear my darlings. 

This past Thursday we went to see Star Wars.  I loved it.  It was just as I wanted it to be.  My daughter and Grand Son were equally pleased but they had all kind of comments because they study and discuss the Star Wars movies "in-depth".

I was afraid that the music would be too loud and that I would be turning the Hearing Aids down when the music came on and up for the voices.  I had no problem hearing at all and didn't make any adjustments for this. 

I did, however, have a problem with the voices of the people around me in the theater.  There were a lot of grownish men and their voices were so loud to me.  I expect that as excited grown men they were talking too loud.  I forgot to ask my daughter if she noticed it since she and the Grandson were yacking so much.  Once the movie started they were quiet and everything was perfect.

Another thing I noticed was that the voices of my Daughter and Grandson were so loud in the car - both coming and going.  Usually, I have quite a problem hearing in the car.  I just turned it down (by clicking the lower button on top my left hearing aid). 

I've also noticed in certain parts of my living room (no carpet) and places with tile floors and high ceilings that I have a problem hearing.  Since it doesn't happen too often I haven't worked on a solution yet. 

I also have an app on my phone so I can adjust the volume and for certain situations like the background noise in a restaurant. 

All in all, I'm very pleased.  The purchase price included a replacement for one set of broken or lost hearing aids.  I now live in fear that I will lose them before they are paid for.  Like having a wreck driving out of the new car lot!  Such is life.  You can't hide for fear of a problem. 


  1. Enjoy them, Barbara! They improve an already full and wonderful life!

  2. It sounds as though they are working out quite well. It is my lot in life to always be around others with hearing problems and an unwillingness to get hearing aids. I have long had to use ear plugs when watching television with others in my family. Movie theaters are absolute torture for me because the volume is so loud.

  3. It sounds like they've made things better already!

  4. So glad that so far you are pleased. I remember a friends child had her mastoids removed which improves hearing in children. The little girl right after the surgery kept saying "why is everyone talking so loud?" Perhaps just hearing normally seems loud. Impressed with the movie results. I find theaters way too loud for my taste and wouldn't mind being able to tone it down. I am sure the more you get use to them, the happier you will be.

  5. This sounds great to me. (No pun intended) Have you noticed a difference watching television? That is my main complaint. Thank God for head phones! :-)

  6. It sounds like your adjusting pretty well to your new hearing aids. An app on your phone to adjust the volume? Now that is something!