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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Essential Oils and Diffuser

Does anyone have any experience using Essential Oils and a Diffuser for treating symptoms from allergies? 

I've seen a lot of posts on Pinterest about Essential Oils.  They have recommendations for different scents like sleep, relaxation, energy, etc. as well as recommendations for just good old smell good combinations. 

I take a lot of allergy medicine.  I really hate taking pills so I thought maybe, just maybe, there is something to this essential oil business. 

I also saw this:

This process uses beeswax with essential oils.  Hahaha.  It reminds me of seeing police procedurals where they put this gunk under their nose before going into autopsies.  

I believe some of these ideas could work.  I just don't have any real experience with them.  

As anyone tried any essential oil treatment or some natural treatment for allergies that works for them?


  1. I don’t have any experience with essential oils but I know some people swear by them. Good luck with your search, Barbara.

  2. I don't. My friend has had training and sells these. She gives me a bunch for free. I have used them for a plethora of things and they have worked, albeit slowly, for me. She is in Pittsburgh though. How about I ask her for you?
    Do you know I had allergies for 40+ years. So bad, I had shots, pills etc. Once they discovered I had celiac I no longer have allergies. No more shots, no being ill come spring and fall. All of it gone. Amazing how our bodies work.

  3. I have a diffuser going most of the time just because I love the scents. I can't speak to allergies, but I have used essential oil of black spruce to help with stuffy head colds. I sprinkle it in a steamy shower. I also have an inhaler with peppermint and eucalyptus that opens up the sinus passages that I can carry around with me and use as needed.

  4. Good to know. Thanks, Barbara. Stop by for a visit at https://awholelottamagic.blogspot.ca

  5. I have no experience in this area, I'm afraid.

  6. Never tried essential oils but have had great luck with Quercetin. It is a plant flavonoid found in grapes apples and berries. For me it works very quickly with no side effects for allergies and sinus problems.

  7. My daughter-in-law swears by oils. I was just visiting them in San Diego and still had a dang little cough from my flu in January. She got out her diffuser that evening and I started it again the next day. Later in the day I realized I had stopped coughing. As soon as I got home, I ordered on on-line - it should arrive today. If you need to know which oils to use (if you haven't gotten the info yet from other readers), let me know and I'll check with her. She's an expert at this stuff. :) PS - I also love the scents in the air that a diffuser provides.

  8. I have a friend that sells these but she is adamant about people getting the real essential oils and not just pretty smelling things. You may wish to look into that. I have never used it for allergies. Sorry.