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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Getting My Hair Re-Cut

This is not my hair, just a picture I like from Pinterest

Yesterday I went to get my hair re-cut because I didn't like the way it was cut last time.  I go to this inexpensive chain located all over the city.  In the past, I have gone to one of their salons located near my old house and let whoever was available cut it.  I have almost always gotten a good cut - I'm not that particular and my hair is so short it is hard to mess up. 

The night before the recent big ice storm hit I ran to the same chain but to a salon that is located closer to my new apartment.  The young lady who cut my hair had nice looking hair so I assumed she knew something about cutting hair. 

Nope. It was just not a good cut.  I thought maybe when I got home and fixed it myself it would lay better but it never did. 

I didn't want to go back to the same place and complain because I didn't want to get the young girl in trouble.  So I went to my old place today and she saw right away some of the mistakes. 

So I paid for a new haircut and vowed to drive the distance to my old favorite from now on. 

Have you ever had a really bad haircut?  Did you have the nerve to go back?  My friend said I should have but I just wasn't brave enough to complain.  Would you?


  1. So if you see a stylist with a good haircut, ask who does her hair! I have had some bad haircuts. My hair is short and quite thick with cowlicks and random waves. When I find someone who can make it look decent if only for a while to give me hope, I tend to stick with them. Okay, it's not like the loss of a loved one, but there is a certain heartbreak when a good hair stylist retires or moves away.

  2. Oh, yes, I've had many bad haircuts. I found that I usually got what I paid for. Now I cut my own hair and it costs me nothing. Thankfully, I am happy with the results most every time. But it's long now, so it's easier to cut than when I went short. Have you ever thought of using one of those hair cutting machines like Robocut? Those pay for themselves pretty quickly and you can set them the same every time, guaranteeing you get the same look consistently. I used it when my hair was short and received lots of compliments, which really tickled me, considering how I went about getting it that way!

  3. I've had some appalling haircuts over the years. I just make sure never to go to that hairstylist again. Always remember -- if a hair stylist has nice hair, it's because SOMEONE ELSE cut it, not her! lol

  4. I recently complained about the last two cuts each time I went back in. They were uneven etc. She said to me, "I stand by my haircuts" and did not fix them. I did not bother to say anything to her boss and continue to go there because it would have made me uncomfortable. When I got home I got lucky, my former hairdresser was back to work after time off for ovarian cancer. If I tell her I have an issue, she apologizes and says, "let's take a look" I have people ask me where I get my hair cut. She is really good and very expensive. The cheap places around here like hair cuttery are normally 1st year out of school and don't get a lot of training or direction but it still costs $50. I pay $65. I have lived her for 18 yrs and that is the going price unfortunately. I get a free hair cut a year for being a loyal customer but otherwise I spend way too much money on my hair. But if my hair looks good, I feel better and I know that is shallow but it's true for me. A good hair day goes a long way.

  5. I think we've all had bad cuts at some time or other. I go to the same person and she usually does a really good job. Occasionally it doesn't turn out like I would like, but perhaps it's hard to convey exactly what we want to someone else. And again... it's just hair... and it grows back. I like your picture, but unless it was done for a special event, I can't imagine it staying that way day after day.

  6. I’m with Debra on this one. I would avoid that person! I think with hair you pay your money and take your chances. “It will grow out,” is my mantra.

  7. I am wearing a really bad haircut right now. First one that I can remember. Sadly, she cut it so short that there isn't anything left to correct. Only new growth will help. So glad you had someone to restore your image. I am still waiting on time to heal this mess. Sigh.

  8. Just today I got a haircut that I am not happy with. She cut it way too short, especially
    in back. She cut it wet, so I suppose that my hair must really shrink up as it dries. I showed her a photo of a haircut that I had in the past that I really liked, and yet that is not what she did. Thank goodness I did not allow her to cut my bangs, They had finally just grown out from the last bad haircut I got from someone else. I think I need an emergency wig for when I come home with disappointing haircuts. I never repeatedly had this problem in the past, but it seems that in the past two years this is how things always go. I wonder why. If I knew maybe I could solve the problem. I am hoping this will be one of those times that my hair will grow back quickly, but that seems only to happen when it is a haircut that I like.