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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Houston, We have Snow .... Well Crunchy Ice

I'm not a doomsday believer but when you have snow/crunchy ice twice in one Winter in Houston, Texas - well, it just makes you wonder if the end is nearer than you think.  Hahaha.  I would have attached a picture but it was just too pitiful to claim after what some of you Yankees are going through. 

I've been playing around with new headers.  If I made New Year's Resolutions, getting back to serious blogging might have been one of them.  You can always tell when I am bored and restless, I start doing things that take in-depth research.  I guess that's what I miss about work - all the research and organization. 

I had an appointment scheduled with the Hypnotist/Life Coach this evening so, of course, I had to cancel with this weather.  Come to think of it maybe that is why we had this weather. 

Yes, I am that friend who tries quirky things.  All my friends shook their heads when I started my ice dyeing adventure but I had a lot of fun doing it.  Now I need a new little challenge to master. 

My dear friend has been moved from ICU to a room and she has passed the swallowing test several times.  Don't know what it means but I'm told that is good.  Her birthday was this month.  Yeah.  Happy Birthday to her.  I can't go see her with the bad roads but hopefully tomorrow or the next day.  Thanks for the kinds words of encouragement I received. 


  1. So glad your friend is improving! I read your other post but didn't comment, but I prayed. Maybe that stubbornness will work in her favor now!

    I think that polar vortex is just dipping down extra low this winter, bringing us southern folk plenty of weird weather. We're also expecting some of what you're getting.

    Sorry you had to miss your appointment with your life coach/hypnotist. You'll have to share how that goes once you get to your appointment next time!

    Your banner is nice! Take care and stay warm!

  2. Crunchy icy snow? Stay inside where's it's safe and warm!

  3. It’s good to try new things. It’s a great way to challenge the mind and stay young.

    I hope your friend continues improving, Barbara.

    I wish we had your weather.

  4. Quirky? I love it!

    It really does seem as though the weather events are trying to tell us something.

  5. First, your new photo is very nice Barbara. You look so pretty.
    2nd - I've tried hypnotherapy. It did wonders for my husband more than me but I'll tell you that story some day on the blog.

  6. A hypnotist? Now that will be a good story! I don’t know why you’re getting snow in Houston when I live in a ski area, and we need some. Keep warm and keep blogging.

  7. I love the new picture!

    Last winter, we had so much snow for our area. This year, it's like spring. I went out into the garden this morning to see if the cabbages were any good. There were 3 left out there. I cut one, and it is great! So, I used up the remaining one that had been cut before, and put this new one in the fridge. I also cut kale. My daughter loves kale, so that's good. Then, behind another row of things, low and behold, there were some boc choi plants growing merrily. So, I cut some of those, too. I was amazed to get all of this in January.